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Africa, this huge continent, where China, India, Japan, the US and Europe all fit within its borders, is the last and largest wilderness in the world. It is the only place on earth where you can come eye to eye with the vastness and diversity of nature and its wildlife. On this territory, humans and animals have been sharing exceptional habitats for centuries: in the north, an immense desert the size of The US; in the west an impressive rainforest the size of India and from the equator to the south, thousands of miles of fertile savannas. From the roof of Africa, the mighty Kilimanjaro, to the deepest jungle, and the wildest coastlines teeming with marine life ... Africa is unique, special, incomparable and unforgettable. Only 45% of the land is cultivated! Space is is of a breathtaking magnitude. And there is simply no other place on earth where wildlife stages such an impressive show. High time to study, to observe and to experience African widlife in its unique habitat. High time as well to listen to Africa's many stories and enjoy its natural beauty unlike any other. Only when we travel there and live its spectacle with all senses, can we truly learn and appreciate its splendour. Travel brings understanding and with understanding comes esteem and the challenge to protect Africa's unique nature and beauty in order to hand it over to future generations. Africa will command awe and respect! That much is for certain.

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