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When you think of North America, The US and Canada immediately come to mind. And yet this third-largest continent in the world has a startling 24 countries under its wings. In addition to Canada and the US, Mexico, Greenland, Bermuda, all Central American and Caribbean countries are part of North America as well. The first indigenous societies here were recorded over 15,000 years ago or more, long before European colonization! And though many of us remember from our history lessons that Columbus was the one who found the way to America in 1492 and there were even Norwegian navigators who reached the coasts in the 11th century, the continent has been named in honour of the Florentian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, the first European to state with any kind of certainty that this continent had nothing to do with the East Indies.

Geographically speaking Mount McKinley is the highest point on the continent, Death Valley the lowest and in terms of climate, it is an absolute jumble of all possible weather conditions. Its largest metropolis is not New York, that comes in second place, or Los Angeles, which finds itself a bronze medal winner as third largest city; the largest city in North America is surprisingly perhaps, Mexico City! North America’s huge variety of habitats from swampy low wetlands to the high peaks of the American and Canadian Rockies, from the scorching deserts and fertile farmlands to the seemingly endless miles of coastline make this continent a treasure chest of varied tourist destinations. A road trip or self-drive through the fascinating States and Canada, an eco-trip to Costa Rica, a sultry Caribbean vacation or cruise, a city trip to New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco or ... where will your next trip take you?


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