From Old Warehouses to New Penthouses

From Old Warehouses to New Penthouses

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West Side

Welcome to the industrial chic of the West Side. On this retail safari you will discover - in addition to a few gems of experience stores - how a once gray and smoke-free district has turned into the absolute favourite spot of millionaires and top models. In the meantime, the old slaughterhouses mainly contain top works by renowned painters and priceless creations by exclusive designers.

You take the stairs to the High Line, the second most famous park in Manhattan. This elevated railway line - which was rescued from total demolition - is now a trail walk where showpieces of the best-known architects follow each other in rapid succession. We leave the park at the height of Chelsea art mecca and end up in the most expensive real estate project in the history of the United States: Hudson Yards.

This district is brand new and serves a tasteful mix of dizzying skyscrapers, popular eateries and an amazing art project in the form of a giant kebab. Enter the shopping center at your own risk and know your credit card may suffer from swipe-fatigue. Ready, set? Go!

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours

  • In group

  • Monday at 2 pm

  • Dutch-speaking guide

Outside of school vacations, our walks are guaranteed from 4 participants. Bookings made less than 10 days before the date must be confirmed by BE NY. 

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