From Yuppie to Hipster Tour

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From Yuppie to Hipster tour

Downtown & Brooklyn

During this tour you will realize New York has many guises. You start your exploration in the financial beehive better known as Wall Street and work your way to Brooklyn by means of a ferry ride ( sailing underneath Brooklyn Bridge is an adventurous added value). Williamsburg offers magnificent views of the skyline of Manhattan. It is clear that Brooklyn's trendiest neighbourhood is the place to be for hipsters, shopaholics, hedonist, and by extension, anyone who roams here for the pleasure of the eye.

This is the perfect place to connect with Brooklyn and emerge from underneath the shade of dazzling skyscrapers. Mast Brothers excels in chocolates and is definitely a must among chocoholics! Brooklyn Sketchbook, a traveling exhibition of books full of authentic illustrations of ordinary people, is home to this area.

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours

  • In group

  • Fridays at 2 pm

  • Dutch or French speaking guide

For reservations as from 10 days in advance subject to confirmation by BE NY.

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