La Bella Italia

La Bella Italia

Italy conjures up images of amazing cities, beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, delicious cuisine and a good glass of Barolo. That's a given.

What is new however and original is the way you can go about exploring these magical settings the Connections way. How? Well, is there anything more Italian than the iconic Vespa? The FIAT 500 maybe? Spot on. Twice!

We have selected 7 brilliant regions for you to explore during an epic roadtrip aboard the cinquecento or by Vespa. The last thing that will blow your mind is the wind. So put on those sunglasses and enjoy the stunning scenery.

And rest assured, you have more than enough time to enjoy and taste all the beauty and goodies along the way. After all, you are in Italy, where dolce farniente has been elevated to an art of living!

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