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FAQ | The Connections Campervan


Maximum 4 of which 2 in the converted living room (1.91 mx 1.30 m) and 2 in the elevating roof (2.00 m x 1.40 m). The pop top roof is fitted with a drop arm awning. This allows for small children to sleep safely upstairs. Yet if you bring an extra tent (or tuck in 3 small kids in the largest bed) you could even travel with a party of 5.

The price includes 350 km / day. This is plenty for the average road trip. If you plan for an extra-long travel itinerary, you pay € 0.30 / km for additional kilometres.

Glasses, bags, large plates, breakfast plates, bowls, cutlery, cutting board, colander, kitchen knives, kitchen utensils (spatulas, soup spoons, ladles ...), pots, pans, spice carousel with 7 spices, hot water cooker, can opener, BBQ (for 4 persons)

Sweeper, tin, microfibre cloths, sponges, bucket, detergent, kitchen towels

Yes, count on one bath towel and small towel, one pillow with pillowcase per person, a mattress protector, one fitted sheet and one duvet set with cover.

Yes, a full camping gas bottle is provided.

Yes, the rear washroom has an electric flush toilet and a collapsible sink. The space contains a retractable screen for privacy. There is also a hot water outdoor shower (shielded by a rear tent)

Yes, thanks to the parking heater (3.5W) you can heat the Campanion when standing still during the day and at night. You can travel perfectly with this Campanion down to -10 ° C. The powerful cooling compressor ensures that you will sleep well or relax in your Campanion even in hot temperatures.

Thanks to the eco blue engine, the Connections Campanion is quite economical. Average consumption is 8 l / 100 km.

The insurance is a full comprehensive insurance policy. Full comprehensive insurance covers own damage, fire, theft and glass breakage. The exemption or excess is € 700 (= the deposit). It is not possible to buy back the exemption. Travel assistance is also provided in the event of an accident or breakdown.

No pets are allowed.

No, smoking inside the Campanion is strictly prohibited.

Absolutely. Contact us to find out about the interesting conditions and competitive rates.


Yes, the minimum rental period is 4 days in low season and 7 days during high season.

If you book and pay for a 4-day rental of the Campanion, you are free to drop off the rental van sooner than the final return date. However no refunds apply.

In the low & shoulder season you can book the Campanion with pick-up and drop off on Mondays and Fridays. In high season pick up and drop off are EXCLUSIVELY possible on Fridays.

The starting day determines the price of the first rental week. If your 2nd week starts in a different season, that season’s price will apply to that week and so on.

For instance
Pick-up June 25, 2 weeks: first week = shoulder season rates, second week = high season rates
Pick-up August 27, 2 weeks: first week= high season rates, second week = shoulder season rates


Following documents are required at the time of pick up:

  • Driver's license of all drivers
  • Credit card of the main tenant (credit card limit must allow for the blockage of € 700 deposit)
  • Passport / ID card
  • Booking reference

You can pick up the Campanion on the first rental day between 2 pm - 6 pm. You must return the Campanion on the last rental day between 8 am - 11am.

That is not possible.

That is not possible

You can choose between the Brussels region (Vilvoorde) and the Antwerp region (Beveren). You will receive the precise coordinates together with the travel documentation.

You can leave your own car in the outdoor car park at the depot Of Vilvoorde or Beveren for the exact duration of your rental contract, free of charge.

Allow for one hour for the transfer to be completed. You will receive a detailed briefing about the entire vehicle.

The fuel level of the Campanion must be identical to that at the time of pick up; the waste water tank and toilet tanks must be flushed and emptied. The Campanion must be returned in a clean condition. The kitchen sink and utensils as well as the cooler box must be clean and properly stowed.


A normal B driving license is required. You must have held your driving license for at least 1 year.

A maximum of 4 drivers is allowed. Each driver must register at the time of collection of the Campanion.

The minimum age to drive the Connections Campanion is 23 years old.

Yes, € 700 will be blocked on one credit card.


There are two wardrobes and plenty of storage space but soft travel bags are the way to go.

Tip: when you pick up the Campanion you can leave your own car in the parking lot free of charge. You may take the liberty to stow the content in your Campanion and leave the hard cover suitcases or travel bags in the boot of your personal car.

The Campanion is equipped with a battery and water tank. So you can perfectly well camp in the wild if legally allowed by local rules and regulations. A campsite offer the advantage of a facility to plug the Campanion into the local electricity net and refill your water tank.

There is an external connection to fill up the fresh water tank, making it easier than ever to replenish water supplies. Emptying the tank is straightforward and will be explained during the briefing on day 1, at the time of pick up of the vehicle.

There are three 240 V connections, two 12 V connections and a USB port. If you are not connected to the grid, you can use the 12V connections and USB port on the batteries (2x 95 ah AGM battery). When you connect to the grid, you can also use the 240V connections and charge the batteries.

You can easily close the Campanion during the night and day.

Every Campanion includes Ford Assistance that will support you 7/7 - 24/24 throughout Europe in the event of technical problems or breakdowns.

Our hygiene policy is extremely meticulous and consists of different cleaning phases to minimize the risk of contamination.

After each drop off, the vehicle is completely disinfected and prior to the next rent out period the vehicle undergoes a second hygiene protocol with a strong disinfectant to drastically and maximally reduces the likelihood of transferal of possible viruses between subsequent travellers. Special attention is paid to all hand-on surfaces and instruments used while operating the vehicle, such as door handles and knobs, light switches and the steering wheel.

After the disinfection of the vehicle a thorough general cleaning procedure inside and outside is initiated. All tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, plates, cutlery, bed linen, cleaning and kitchen sets are conscientiously cleaned, checked and awarded a clean & safe quality mark.

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