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There is little that appeals stronger to the imagination than a US road trip aboard a campervan. You drive at your own pace, add the mileage you choose, enjoy exciting views and taste the real 'American way of life'. The USA is the ideal terrain for this pleasurable way of traveling. Legendary motorways, sleepy towns and bustling metropolises await you. But why hurry? Just park your campervan safely off-road and take all the time in the world for that perfect and epic photo/selfie of you & Grand Canyon or you all & the surf of Malibu Beach.

If you are the type of person who loves to experience the freedom to plan your day freely, chart your own road trip on-the-go, hop in bed just a few feet behind the drivers seats and share the experience with your partner, friends or kids day and night, then this is your way of traveling.

At Connections we also rent out well-appointed, uniquely hand-painted campervans in Florida and the West Coast, little bigger than a car and just as agile. So why hesitate? Open your camping guide, roam the roads and leave nothing but your tyre tracks behind. The United States will gladly oblige to help you write a unique story ever time again.


C22 - max. 3 people

from €519per week

C28 - max. 4 people

from €559 per week

FS31 - max. 4 people

from €969 per week

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