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New York, I can keep telling about it, but talking does not suffice, you just have to experience it for yourself. And, the best of all, that's possible together with me! How do you feel about a trip to New York? Looking for a spot on a ceiling, taking the elevator together, looking at buildings and walking? Sounds great right? No? Wait, if you know me than you must be convinced that I mean much more than I say. That spot is a huge history, that elevator goes to the top of the tallest building in all of America, those buildings are familiar backgrounds from a large amount of films and as far as walking is concerned, how about strolling along a real former train track in the middle of the city!

New York is awesome dotted with super spectacular monuments, the most delicious eateries ad food stalls, blissful people, stunning views and exciting stories lurking around every corner. Come let’s go on an adventure. You won't regret it, I promise.

Your friend, Casper

from. €919
Price per person based on 4 travellers whom share a room.
Individual Flights Included

Day 1 - Brussels > New York

The landing gear has hardly touched the ground some time ago and here we are, going up again. Our first skyscraper of the trip, and one of a kind! Also on the programme: a train station and a mega-impressive intersection with gigantic illuminated signs and shops like you have never seen before. Everything is BIG in New York, you'll notice that pretty quickly.

Standard Hotel:  Belvedere
Superior Hotel:  50 Bowery

Day 2 - New York

The Statue of Liberty in close-up, That’s what you’ll see today as well as the tallest tower in the whole of America and a building that looks like a butterfly and the skeleton of a whale at the same time. Yup, can you believe it! And, we will be joined by a top guide from BENY who will tell us fascinating stories and point out amazing views. But don't worry, I won’t leave you. I’ll just go with the flow.

Standard Hotel:  Belvedere
Superior Hotel:  50 Bowery

Day 3 - New York

Brooklyn, that's a neighbourhood in New York and that is named after a Dutch person called Breukelen. French fries, a free history lesson and we are not even in Manhattan yet. Anyway, Brooklyn will be our focus today. We have to cross a legendary bridge as once 21 elephants, 7 camels and 10 dromedaries did. And that's no joke. Why? I will explain that there.

Standard Hotel:  Belvedere
Superior Hotel:  50 Bowery

Day 4 - New York

A huge park in the middle of the city, that is Central Park. You can walk around for hours here or, why not, go and cycle! Every tree has planted and every blade of grass has been sown, so there is nothing natural about it. But it is certainly worth the effort. The most expensive buildings in the city surround this park, and I will also tell you something about that once you get there.

Standard Hotel:  Belvedere
Superior Hotel:  50 Bowery

Day 5 - New York

Anyone who wants to see a real Space Shuttle can do that in New York. And you can also immediately visit an aircraft carrier and a submarine. And do you remember that I told you about that high train track? That is also on the programme today as well as America's most famous shopping street, perfect for finding the perfect souvenir.

Standard Hotel:  Belvedere
Superior Hotel:  50 Bowery

Day 6 - New York > Brussels

Day 7 - Brussels

Edge Observation Deck - fixed date, flexible time


The view of New York from Edge is definitely on your to-do list. You already know which day but not yet the exact time for your visit? With a Flex Pass you only have to set the date, but you can arrive any time on that day.

Attention: no changes or refunds after booking. Select the correct date.

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New York Empire State Building Observatory

Empire State Building appeals to romance and imagination - just think of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks who met here in Sleepless in Seattle - and offers fabulous views. The Observatory on the 86th floor, 320 meters above street level, offers 360 ° views of the City That Never Sleeps. Bet you'll be surprised to know the skyscraper was built in 410 days, between 1930 and 1931 and still standing strong! Awesome, right?
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New York Heli Tour The New Yorker

 +/- 15 min.

Experience the thrill of a 15’ eagle eye view of New Yorks Skyline. Extra-large windows allow for panoramic views of Central Park, the Empire State, Chrysler & Rockefeller buildings, Greenwich Village, Lady Liberty, Ellis Island and South Street Seaport.

How large is my field-of-view?

Views are awesome. Definitely! The new Bell 407 helicopter has been specifically designed for sight-seeing. Large windows allow outstanding 180° views. The leather passenger seats have been limited to six in order to provide a comfortable feeling and plenty of legroom..

Is it safe?

Safety comes first. Before you take-off you will attend a short instructional safety video. The helicopter itself is equipped with the unique Terminal Collision Avoidance System that provides the pilot with the best overview and information of the surrounding airspace.

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Travel Documents

  • Travel documents: All Belgian nationals*  (children and babies included) must be in possession of an international e-passport (biometric) containing min. 2 blank pages,  valid at day of entry and during the entire stay. Connections recommends to let common sense prevail and to build in some slack in terms of validity. Often unforeseen circumstances (weather factors, volcanoes, and threats all kinds) are the cause of a mandatory postponed return date. A credit card is required upon check-in at the hotels and also when renting a car.Please keep this in mind. We strongly recommend you to print out the Esta- or Eta permit and to have it on you while you travel to avoid problems. 

  • All passengers who travel to and /or via the U.S. must apply for an electronic travel authorization at least 72 hours prior to departure. The ESTA procedure must be requested via the official website link https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and paid by a personal credit card only.

  • Travellers with a non-Belgian nationality and / or travellers travelling on a foreign passport are invited to spontaneously report this matter to the Connections travel consultant and shall contact their respective embassy (s) or Consulate (ate) to obtain the latest updates concerning all current travel requirements and documents. They must apply for an electronic travel authorization at least 72 hours prior to departure via the official website link https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and pay by a personal credit card only.


Have a safe and carefree trip: travel fully insured with our Protections travel insurance! Our Protections insurance policies offer various formulas in order to offer you the widest possible cover (with even a fly-on-time, natural catastrophes and epidemics) for both single journeys or for the entire year.  We guarantee you the best protection at the best price. 


No mandatory vaccinations. To verify the latest updates on health requirements, please surf to www.itg.be.
Medical interventions and costs can soon become outrageous in the U.S.A. Reflect before leaving and subscribe a decent travel insurance. Our protections All-in Premier insurance was especially designed specifically for travel to the U.S.A. and provides ample cover for all major calamities (fly-on-time and natural disasters included)!

Time Zones

The United States span 4 time zones:

  • Eastern (- 6 h)
  • Central (- 7 h)
  • Mountain (- 8 h)
  • Pacific (- 9 h)

Daylight saving time 2018: In The USA the clock is set forward in the night of Sunday 12 MAR 2017 at 2am.  In Belgium, the clock is set forward on Sunday 26 MAR 2017 at 02am. This entails that between 12 and 26 March, the time difference is one hour less than indicated above.

Winter time 2018: Belgium turns the clock back one hour on Sunday 29 OCT 2017 at 02am.  The USA turns back the arms of the clock on the night of Saturday, 5 nov at 2am. That entails that during the latter week the time difference is one hour less than indicated above.



US Dollar (USD), 1 USD = 0,90 EUR & 1 EUR = 1.106 USD (01/01/2020)

Payment Methods
  • A personal credit card is required upon check-in at the hotels and also when renting a car. The most convenient method of payment is by credit card but cash euros and dollars in small amount come in handy. Inform yourself timely, as from January 15, 2015 your Visa and/or MasterCard credit card (and possibly other types of credit cards) has automatically been set to "not for use in the US, for US car rental agencies and during cruises under the American flag".
  • You must then apply for a release of your credit card. This may be done prior to your arrival in the U.S. (in your bank branch or via the telephone number listed on the back of your credit card or by means of a special form available for PC banking) as well as after arrival in the US (through a withdrawal at an ATM. Please note, in this case there will be a transaction fee charged to your account). The same applies to the Maestro function in your bank card.


Average Temperatures (°C):
Destination J F M A M J J A S O N D
San Francisco 13 16 16 17 18 19 19 19 21 21 18 14
Las Vegas 14 17 21 26 31 37 40 39 34 27 19 14
New York  3  5 10 16 22 26 29 28 24 18 12  6
Miami 24 25 26 28 30 31 32 32 31 29 27 25
Chicago -1  2  8 15 22 27 29 28 24 17 9  2
Washington DC  6  8 13 19 24 29 31 30 26 20 14  8

What's included?

  • Direct return flight incl 23 kg of luggage/pp
  • 5 nights in listed hotels or equivalent
  • Airport-hotel return transfers
  • Guided walk with BE NY (except on Sundays)
  • 7 activities recommended by Casper Brits. Pick from: Top of the Rock, One World Observatory, American Museum of Natural History, The Met, Guggenheim, MoMa, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, 1 day bike rental, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, Cruise on the Hudson, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Madame Tussaud's, Bronx Zoo, Luna Park Coney Island
  • 2-hour bike rental
  • Personal Casper British Roadbook per child

What's not included?

Optional excursions recommended by Casper that make your experience even more intense, tipping, meals and beverages as well as personal expenses.

Good to Know

For only € 44/pp surcharge you can choose 10 activities from the list that Casper Brits recommends.

Standard Price per person

CASBRNYC/Listed dates are from/to Kid: Aged 2-15/Kid: Aged 2-15

Superior Price per person

CASBRNYC/Kid: Aged 2-15

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