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Colours of Asia

If there is any place on earth where you can experience the full intensity of colour it simply must be Asia. The largest continent on earth is a beautiful sensory paradise, a vibrant painter's palette made up of the warm colours of herbs and spices. Here everything seems to either burst with energy or just radiate an infinite quietude. From the bright orange monk habits and the 50 shades of ocean blue via the innumerable shades of rice terrace green and pearly white mountain tops to the sharlaken morning or evening red. If you ask us, even the rainbow will have more than 7 colors here. Travel with us along the highest peaks of the Himalayas and the flanks of Mount Fuji, past incense bowls of ancient temples and mystic bays, past islands and beaches, small villages and metropolisses and perhaps most of all, one of the most colourful and cordial peoples on eart. Asia; live it, love it.