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Coronavirus Japan Airlines

We would like to explain to you that the mandate of Connections in your file, is the mandate of reseller. From the moment we sold the tickets, there is a contract between the airline company and the traveller. In this case Connections is not legally bound to refund the money we have paid to the carrier on its own responsibility and with its own funds to the customer, in the end there is a contract between the traveller and the airline company that is its only contracting party.

You are no doubt aware that, in accordance with the European Directives on Passenger Rights, the airlines are obliged to reimburse the passenger within a period of 7 days for the flights they have cancelled. However, as a result of Covid-19, they are currently unable to comply with their obligations, despite all pressure from us but also from the European Commission. However, we have to take into account a longer processing period on the part of the airline, which may take longer in the current circumstances. We deeply regret this and are doing everything in our power to shorten this process. We are on your side and, with the greatest care for your interests, exert all possible pressure. As previously stated, we have submitted an application for a refund for your tickets to the airline. As soon as we receive the refund, we will transfer it without delay, in full, to the account number provided.