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To travel is to live! More than ever we are eager to discover the world, meet new people, foreign cultures and enchanting places. At Connections we have been passionate about this wanderlust for 35 years, we are constantly on the look-out to create the best deals and the most unique experiences. In recent months an extra challenge has been added and so we have moved heaven and earth to work out the most extraordinary Covid coverage on the market, for you.

We are proud to present our 3 different packs which are exclusive to Connections travellers!
The Covid Care Pack which consists of an extensive assistance insurance and Covid-19 cover that compensates for your costs on location. In addition, you can book the Cancellation Pack, which includes besides the familiar cancellation insurance a cancellation free of charge should your Covid test turn out positive just prior to your departure. And finally the Flexi-garantie offers you the option to move your trip free of charge or, in case of negative travel advice, get your trip refunded. There is no other cover that beats this trio of Pack on the Belgian market. Pick your pack(s) and travel carefree!

You can't find better on the Belgian market! Make your choice among our different packs and discover the world with peace of mind!


Contrary to the offer of many other organizations, our Protections assistance insurance is also valid in the red zones on condition that both national borders are open! This package offers the following guarantees upon arrival at your destination.

1/ Cover Covid-19
  • Coverage of the cost of a PCR test that you may need to perform at destination in the event of symptoms identical to those of the coronavirus (if medically required)
  • Unlimited coverage of all medical expenses incurred as a result of a positive Covid test (including the cost of the PCR test) (maximum 90 days)
  • Coverage of costs related to additional overnight stays of the insured person, insured family members or a co-insured travel companion, in the case of imposed quarantine (up to € 600 per person)
  • Reimbursement of overnight stays planned for the original trip and which you were unable to take advantage of due to quarantine (up to € 500 per person)
  • Reimbursement of expenses related to the new return trip, in the event that the quarantine prevents you from returning on the original scheduled return date
  • Unlimited coverage in the event of medical repatriation of the insured, insured family members or a co-insured travelling companion who would have to continue the trip alone on their own behalf (if medically required)

2/ Comprehensive travel assistance insurance
During your trip, you are victim of an accident, you get sick, your luggage does not arrive at your destination, or you fall off your bike? To put it briefly: your travel assistance insurance protects you from a whole series of inconveniences that can occur during your stay, often very embarrassing and very expensive. We will reimburse you up to a maximum amount!

What expenses are reimbursed?

In case of medical or personal problems

  • your medical expenses (unlimited - deductible: € 50);
  • your costs related to treatment due to the accident that occurred during your stay (up to € 5.000);
  • your repatriation expenses in the event of illness, accident or death;
  • your costs in case of early return for serious reasons;
  • additional costs in the event of natural disasters, epidemics or terrorism;
  • in the event of hospitalization, the costs of housing your family abroad;
  • search and rescue costs (up to € 12.500).

In the event of an acciden
Your family receives a compensation of € 12.500 in case of death. You receive an amount of up to € 25.000 in case of permanent disability due to an accident that occurs during your stay. Civil liability aansprakelijkheid [titel?] We pay for physical and material damage to third parties up to a maximum of € 125.000. Deductible: € 125.

In case of luggage problem
Your suitcase is damaged, stolen or just doesn't arrive at its destination? Then we will pay you an amount up to a maximum of € 1.875 (excess: € 50). You will also receive a maximum of € 375 for the purchase of necessary items if your suitcase is not returned within 12 hours.

Compensation in case of repatriation
In case of early return for repatriation, a voucher worth up to € 2.500 will be granted to you, to be used for a next trip. Repatriation costs are of course also covered (see above).

In case of considerable delay
If your flight is significantly delayed, we will compensate you. This amounts to € 50 for a minimum delay of 12 hours and € 100 for a delay of 24 hours or more.

These clauses are valid for all green, orange and red destinations! However, they are not valid for destinations prohibited by the Foreign Affairs, for example Syria, North Korea,...)


Modification of travel dates or cancellation, also in the case of a positive Covid test carried out just before departure, to be added for an amount corresponding only to 4.9% of the value of the trip.

This pack offers the following guarantees before departure

1/ Refund in case of a positive Covid test before departure
Your Covid test performed just before your departure is positive and prevents you from leaving? No problem! Thanks to your cancellation insurance, you can easily change the dates of your trip, or cancel it.

2/ extended cancellation insurance
Do you get sick before you leave? Or some other reason considered valid in your policy prevents you from leaving. Again, there is no need to worry about postponing or cancelling your trip. We'll reschedule your trip free of charge or reimburse you.

What are the valid reasons for cancelling?

  • illness, accident or death of yourself, your partner, travel companion, a 2nd degree family member, your host or professional replacement. Chronic or pre-existing illnesses are also covered as long as there was no medical contraindication at the time the trip was booked;
  • pregnancy complications
  • Dismissal for economic reasons or a new employment contract for a minimum of 6 months
  • major damage to your property
  • second sessions
  • divorce or separation
  • internationally recognized epidemic, natural disaster or act of terrorism (extended warranties)

In addition to the above insurances, you can also book the Connections flexi guarantee to guarantee more flexibility when booking your composite Connections trip. (not applicable on flight only reservation)


Modification of the dates of your trip before departure and refund in case of a travel ban. To be taken out for an additional € 20 per person (Europe) or € 35 per person (World).

This pack offers the following guarantees before departure

1/ Warranty Modification
You can change the dates of your trip at no extra cost up to 30 days before departure. No administrative fees will be charged. Any difference in price between your original package and the new one will be billed to you.

2/ Cashback Guarantee
A travel ban has just been announced for your destination? Or you cannot travel because the country of your destination prevents you from entering because of the Covid? In this case, we will reimburse you the full amount of your trip (plus expenses).

To summarize:

  • COVID CARE PACK, can be booked for € 2 / day (Europe - min. € 20 p.p.) or € 4.50 / day (World - min. € 35 p.p.)
  • CANCELLATION PACK, to be added for a supplement corresponding to 4.9% of the value of your trip
  • FLEXI-GARANTIE, to be added for a supplement of € 20 per person (Europe) or € 35 per person (World) (*not valid for airline tickets only)

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