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I was very fortunate to have a job as a tour leader in Kenya. It was an extraordinary adventure. I was based in Mombasa, the well-known sunbathers paradise at the Indian Ocean and again lucky enough to have the chance and opportunity to explore the country’s famous and less well-known nature reserves during my stay. Tsavo East and West for instance; an ideal introduction to the wild for safari rookies. The charming Shimba Hills too are just magical. One day I literally jumped for joy as I was offered a seat on a plane to the Masai Mara nature reserve. The aerial view of Mount Kilimanjaro was spectacular and when we arrived... my goodness; never ever had I seen so many animals in the wild. I remember how a lioness went undercover behind our jeep to ambush her prey... it was so unreal! Just for a blink it crossed my mind to pet her, that’s how near she was...but luckily a split second later my common sense took over and reminded me of the possible consequences and the fact it is strictly forbidden to touch or stroke any life animal. It’s precisely that nearness of animals up close, large and small, in their own habitat that makes a safari such a unique experience. Food for many, many stories time and time again... to tell my friends, children and even my grandchildren one day! And obviously you...

  • Make sure you visit Hell’s Gate National Park in the Great Rift Valley.
  • Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha are so really unique compared to the other reserves. Thousands of flamingo’s make for stunning pictures and fun: it seemed every time we took one step forward, they as a group, took one step back, mirroring our actions. Broadway here we come!