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Thanks to Connections I had the opportunity to discover this destination with a couple of colleagues. They say ‘Africa gets under your skin’, and I can only acknowledge that. Wildlife in abundance, magnificent landscapes, very hospitable locals who welcomes you with open arms, this and so much more... is Africa! We drove through amazing game reserves and observed the animals in their natural habitat. Believe me, you’ll feel very small and humble when just a couple of meters from your vehicle herds of elephants are taking their bath. But one memory I cherish most of all: the nights we spent in our safari tents. All the luxury of a hotel room, and yet in the middle of nature. Concrete replaced by canvas and no-time, sorry replaced by all–the-time-in-the-world, don’t worry  enhanced by a smile of your host, from ear to ear and revealing crystal white teeth. The animal sounds you hear at night are simply mind-boggling. What was that?... A fascinating experience!

  • Visit a local school. It’s very confronting and at the same time a heart-warming experience!
  • Take a waterproof and dustproof bag with you it will save you so much trouble. I can truly recommend the Paradiver Duffel; to me it was perfect in ever way.