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Japan Rail Pass

Like the Sony Walkman or instant noodles the Shinkansen or "bullet train" crowns the list of spectacular Japanese innovations. This high speed train is your best option to connect the major cities of this vast country in a minimum of time and what may even be more important,as soon as you make use of the train twice, you save big time if you travel by Japan Rail Pass.

To make it easy on you, we have included your Japan Rail Pass in all our tours. The pass can also be purchased separately at your Connections travel shop or Customer Service Center. Please take the time to read about the how, what, where and why of this awesome rail pass.

The pass is only available for foreign travellers and needs to be reserved in advance from abroad. To buy one on the spot is no longer possible.



Rates are in Euro and subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Yen. (16/08/18)


Green class (1st)

Ordinary class (2nd)






1 week





2 weeks





3 weeks





*Child = aged 6-11, each child younger than 6 travel for free without seat allocation.

Book your Japan Rail Pass online and click on the fare suited for your period of use .
When booking a Japan Rail Pass, all names as indicated in the passport must be entered in the reservation form.


When you book your JR pass at Connections you will receive a trade-in voucher and information booklet. This voucher is valid for 3 months and must be traded in for the real Japan Rail Pass at a designated exchange counter in Japan. The first time you oard a JR train will be the day of activation of your pass (max. 30 days after exchange). If you book one of our tour our local representative will be happy to oblige.


  • The JR-Pass is valid on all JR trains throughout Japan (shinkansen, express, local)* (with th eexception of the Shinkansen 'Nozomi' en 'Mizuho').
  • De JR-Pass is valid on the Tokyo Monorail, specific trains run by Aoimori Railways and local JR busses.
  • De JR-Pass is valid on the JR Miyajima ferry.

How to use the pass?

Head for the entrance gate to the platform where your train departs and show your pass to the gate keeper. Remember you cannot scan your pass!

If you travel by train outside peak hours and high season, chances are fair you will not need to book a seat in advance. Show your JR-pass, board ans pick any free seat.

Should you wish to play it safe, you can make a seat booking at the service counters inside the station. JR-pass seat reservations can be made at no additional cost.

Reservations are not possible on local trains.

The JR-pass can be used 24/7 throughout the year (and is valid for max. 30 days after first use). Peak periods to keep in mind which will require a seat reservation are:
28DEC – 06JAN
27APR – 06MAY
11AUG – 20AUG

During these periods, we strongly advise you to make the seat reservations for all your intended train trips as soon as possible as they can only be made on location after the activation of your JR Pass.

Green Class

If you decide to purchase a Green Class JR Pass, you will be allowed to travel in the Green Car Wagon of all Shinkansen and specific high-speed trains*. The comfort is equivalent of our First Class. Seats are wider and there is more leg room.  All in all, the Green Class pass offers good value for money.

It is definitely a good idea to travel Green Class if your holidays in Japan correspond with the peak season and periods as Green Cars are generally less crowded. When you travel Green Class a seat reservation is mandatory.

*The presence of Green Class coaches depends on the configuration of the trains.

How to book this experience ?

Inspired? Contact our Customer Service Center by mail at contactcenter@connections.be or dial 070 23 33 13.