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Anyone who travels knows how fast your travel budget runs out. The solution? Connections PocketWiFi! Goodbye exuberant costs. Hello worldwide unlimited internet. 100 countries are participating. How about you?

How to proceed?

  • Book your PocketWiFi online or in your travel shop and keep your proof of payment handy.
  • Upon your departure head towards the Airport Connections travel shop in the departure hall, present your proof, sign the guarantee form and pick up your PocketWifi.
  • Once at your destination, or at intermediate stopovers, switch on the device. Type the password that appears on your router in your smartphone, tablet or laptop as tthe case may be and... you are online for the rest of your trip!
  • Upon your return to Brussels Airport, drop off your PocketWiFi in the Connections travel shop.

Pocket WiFi is very user-friendly. Turn on your router, type the password that appears on the screen in the device you want to connect and you are online.

Thanks to our travel shop at Brussels Airport, you receive your pocket WiFi at the airport just before you check in for your flight. When you return, you return it to the same place. Easy and affordable.

Your PocketWiFi offers 500mb data at high flow every day. Once they have been used up, switch to 128 kbps until the end of the day. So you enjoy 500 Mb of high flow per 24 hours

You can connect 5 devices to your router. For extra comfort en more data at high flow rates, you can rent several routers at the same time.

You can put the router in your pocket or handbag. The PocketWiFi is 7 x 13 cm. It comes with a charger and a bag.

Why choose Connections?

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