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Looking for a versatile gift for the Christmas holidays, St. Valentine or simply any other happy occassion you wish to honour or celebrate? Why not choose one of our specially designed Connections Travel Boxes and enjoy that smile on the face of those you hand it to!

Celebrate Life

Fortunately there is always a perfect excuse to be festive and give a gift to those you love: a holiday, birthday, anniversary or name day, a exhilarting festival or happening anywhere in the world or just an opportunity to put someone in the spotlight. For no reason. Shared joy is a double joy ...

Think outside the box & offer travel

With the travel box you encourage friends and kin alike to experience the world first-hand. Can you think of a more beautiful gift? Pick one of the attractive Festive Season, St Valentine or one-fits-all travel boxes according to the occassion-at-hand. You can decide to mini-crowd funding to charge the voucher or go it on your own. The minimum amount is € 25, that's all you need to remember. Bet it will give your sweetheart, parents, friends or even yourself wings to fly? So what are you waiting for?

Life is a journey

Flights, citytrips, tours, excursions, travel accessories, hotels, car rentals ... everything can be booked with it. At Connections course. Moreover, the travel box is valid for one year starting for the day of purchase! So smile. You save time and headaches in search of the perfect gift, they experience more, lots more. A travel memory is a cherished gift for life... So come on and celebrate travel to any destination of your heart's content!

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Spread your wings?

Are you the proud owner of a Connections Travel Box? Check your (remaining) balance and pay us a visit...

Ps: Payments with Travel Box are currently only available in our travel shops or through the Customer Service Centre and can be used during sale periods.