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Now that most of the world is still on lock-down and long-haul escapes seem unlikely, we would like to welcome our travellers to Basecamp Connections Deluxe. In a beautiful location amidst nature, a stone's throw away from the idyllic and adventurous Durbuy, we bring the world to you. With a fascinating setting, non-binding activities and unique experience moments. Small-scale. During the months of July and August. For couples, singles, friends and families. In short, anyone who loves to discover the world!

Basecamp Latest news

June 23rd - Milo Meskens on stage at Basecamp Connections Deluxe
A new day, a new star confirming his presence on Basecamp Connections. Today none other than Milo Meskens, the man who strings the hits together like it's nothing. To all the fans: Milo signs present in Durbuy on 5/8, 19/8 and 21/8. Three chances to see this popular artist at work and enjoy his talents as a purebred singer-songwriter.

June 22 - American vibes guaranteed with rising star Ine Tiolants
We have a weak spot for young talent. This summer, at the Basecamp Connections Deluxe, we're going one step further: we're giving the floor to the Limburg singer Ine Tiolants. With no less than 6 dates! Since she was crowned "MNM Rising Star" by the listeners of the Dutch-speaking radio station at the end of 2018, her musical career has taken a quantum leap.

June 21 - How about a good coffee with the aroma of the world?
That your breakfast will be delivered every morning to your luxurious tent, you already knew that. Thanks to Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®, you can enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee at the touch of a button! Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® not only takes care of the machine, but you will also be able to choose every day from several varieties of coffees from all over the world.

20 juni – Buscemi 2nd big name present Basecamp Connections Deluxe
Buscemi has been a standard on the Belgian DJ scene for 20 years, performing warm, danceable music with a Latin touch and elements of brazilian grooves, afrobeat, jazz and drum-'n-bass. On 25th and 29th July and 2nd, 9th and 12th August our glamping guests will be spoiled with one hour of live music from the top shelf.

17 june – Bent Van Looy says YES to the Basecamp Connections Deluxe
This thoroughbred artist, author and performer of numerous hits, will be with us in Durbuy on 8 and 12 July as well as on 16 and 30 August for a concert in the intimacy of our Basecamp Deluxe in Durbuy. You will have a front row seat to listen to his most beautiful compositions, among which Never Get Enough, Shadow of a Man or My Escape.

Worldly glamping

Being a Connections traveller you have experienced how we love you to go beyond any boundaries: unique experiences in all 4 corners of the world, lodgings that tickle you imagination, full freedom of travel making your own choices, discovering new cultures, tasting local food palates... Our worldly glamping we unite all those ingredients together! Intense, small-scale, comfortable and creative.

  • You stay in the open nature on a private property of 15.000m²
  • A great night's sleep in the healthy air and in a durable Sibley 500 Ultimate tent
  • Silky soft sheets and heavenly beds
  • Breakfast neatly delivered to your tent. Aperitifs in the urban bar and streetfood à volonté.
  • During the entire stay you have access to the Durbuy Adventure Park. Tailor-made for the daredevils.
  • Intimate concerts by some great artists like Gabriel Rios, Novastar, Milo Meskens, Buscemi and Bent Van Looy
Basecamp Sessions       

Intimate performances by top artists for up to 100 guests


          5 July | Milo Meskens
          8, 12 July | Bent Van Looy (Das Pop)
          18 July | Marcel Vanthilt
          25, 29 July | Buscemi met band
          22 July | Joost Zwegers
4, 11, 16, 19 July | Ine Tiolants (MNM rising star)



          1, 5, 21 August | Milo Meskens
          2, 9, 12 August | Buscemi met band
          26 August | Gabriel Rios
          16, 30 August | Bent Van Looy (Das Pop)
          15, 29 August | Marcel Vanthilt
8, 22 August | Ine Tiolants (MNM rising star)

A world class tent

You will reside in very high-quality, durable and spacious Sibley 500 Ultimate tents. These tents can easily accommodate 4 people and are tastefully decorated with carpets, bedside tables, mood lighting and worldly accents.

The Sibley 500 Ultimate has a wide entry with an integrated mosquito net. When not in use the mesh wall can be rolled up and stowed neatly with the built in hook and loop system on the inside of the canopy. The extremely durable, sturdy zipper allows you to unzip the side walls from the groundsheet and canopy, allowing you to roll up the canvas walls for maximum ventilation while keeping your tent sealed.

For large families we also have a number of Sybley 600 Ultimate tents available, these are suitable for families with 3 or 4 children. With 30 m², this tent is more spacious than many hotel rooms and also includes fully-fledged beds.

Intense experiences at the doorstep

5 minutes and you're in Durbuy Adventure Valley. A paradise for the active outdoor athlete who loves ferrata, caving, climbing walls, biking and so on. Food for adrenaline junkies of all ages and good for a guaranteed day of unadulterated fun. Access to this park (value € 37/day) is included in your stay and unlimited!

Intimate concerts for you and some lucky ones

Buscemi, Milo Meskens, Bent Van Looy, Gabriel Rios, Novastar and Ine Tiolants, these are just some of the roaring names that have already been announced. On a lot of dates these musical kleppers will provide an intimate private concert in Basecamp Connections Deluxe. Front row you catch the notes, this with enough distance and in a safe bubble. You bet these are moments to cherish. Soon we'll announce some more variety artists: stay tuned!

Tastes from around the world

We love streetfood and we know you do! You only really get to know a city if you have really tried the local street food. Khao San Road in Bangkok with its many food stands appeals to the imagination. As does Mexico, Japan and Cuba just to name a few. As a guest in Basecamp Connections Deluxe you will have the opportunity to enjoy (at democratic prices) various international cuisines.

Unique setting

The Basecamp is located in the middle of nature: you will doze off listening to the murmur of rustling trees and wake up to the sound of happily chirping birds and fresh forest scents that permeate the canvas of your tent. All this while at the same time you are a mere 10-minute walk (downhill!) from the idyllic centre of Durbuy, the smallest city in the world. Need it be said that this is a unique setting?

Een stukje cultuur meepikken? Durbuy has a myriad of things to offer any visitor, including its 17th century historical center, the Falize rock and the Parc de Topiaires. No wonder it has been referred to as the "St. Tropez of the Ardennes", though we feel that is a comparison that does not do justice to this magnificent spot that oozes with charm and ambiance and is unsurpassed anywhere else in the Ardennes (or Europe for that matter).

Health and Safety

Your health and that of our crew is of the utmost importance to us. It goes without saying that we comply with all regulations and legislation imposed by the government concerning hygiene, safety and health. We guarantee we fully respect these regulations at all times. You will have the opportunity to wash your hands in several places, social distancing will be adhered to and all tents will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival by a professional cleaning team.

What is included in our prices?
  • You reside in a comfortable Sibley 500 or Sibley 600 Ultimate tent
  • A lovely continental breakfast is delivered to the tent every morning
  • Sleep under a high-quality duvet cover of Clarysse
  • Worldly coffee flavours in your tent with ®Nestlé ®Dolce Gusto
  • Free parking in the parking lot of Durbuy Adventure Village
  • Per persoon 1 Adventure Pass (value €37/day/adult and €32/dag/child) which gives access to the Durbuy Adventure Valley (more than 12 activities including via ferrata, caving experience, 3D labyrinth, altitude trail, tubing slide, climbing walls, nature walks and a bike park. For the kids there is a climbing forest, net park, the kids adventure park and both an indoor and outdoor playground. The Adventure Pass is valid every day of your stay, included on arrival and departure.
  • 10% discount on all other activities of Durbuy Adventure Village (kayak, mountain bike, laser tag game, bowling, escape room, etc.)
  • Intimate concerts by Gabriel Rios and Bent Van Looy, Thai cooking and sushi workshops, wake-up yoga and pilates etc)
  • The smile, enthusiasm and quality service of our Connections travel companions on location
Price per adult per tent occupied by 2 adults Adults 12 years (max 4 children) 3rd, 4rd, 5th, 6th person > 12 years
Weekend 4 days/3 nights Friday - Monday €299 €349 €150 €175 €224 €262
Midweek 5 days/4 nights Monday - Friday €389 €439 €195 €220 €292 €329
Week 8 days/7 nights Monday - Monday €649 €699 €325 €350 €487 €524
Friday - Friday €649 €699 €325 €350 €487 €524

*Promo prices available for reservations before July 10th
** Prices valid for a weekend, midweek or week in the period from 03/7-31/8
*** Supplement for occupancy by 1 person on request
***** Child reduction based on occupation of 1 adult: 1st child 35% / 2nd & 3rd child 50% reduction
***** Guests working in the healthcare sector book at promotional rates throughout the season

Weekend prijzen - Friday - Monday

Promo prices adults Standard adults Promo prices child Standard child
€299 €349 €150 €175

Midweek prices - Monday - Friday

Promo prices adults Standard adults Promo prices child Standard child
€389 €439 €195 €220

Week prices - Monday - Monday of Friday - Friday

Promo prices adults Standard adults Promo prices child Standard child
€649 €699 €325 €350

*Promo prices available for reservations before July 10th
** Prices valid for a weekend, midweek or week in the period from 03/7-31/8
*** Supplement for occupancy by 1 person on request
***** Child reduction based on occupation of 1 adult: 1st child 35% / 2nd & 3rd child 50% reduction
***** Guests working in the healthcare sector book at promotional rates throughout the season

3rd, 4rd, 5th, 6th person > 12 years get -25% off