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For most Tokyo is associated with temples and blossoms, geisha and sumo wrestlers or the shinkansen high-speed train and the majestic Mount Fuji. For others, a city trip to Tokyo is reminiscent of manga and bonsai, tea ceremonies and sushi or perfectly manicured grounds. But whatever image may prevail on your mind eye when you think of a holiday in Japan, one thing is certain: it always includes a degree of creativity, serenity and discipline. 

The one thing Tokyo is not easily associated with is affordability: a cheap flight, cheap hotel and cheap food. And undeservedly so. You just need to know how. Connections destination experts will gladly help out.  For instance, lunch is much cheaper than dinner. For instance: exact the same meal, at the exact same restaurant can turn out 30% to 50% cheaper when you eat it a lunch in stead of dinnertime! Neighbourhood as well can vary remarkably in price . Upmarket Ginza contrasts sharply with the very cheap Ikehabara neighbourhood. Shinjuku caters for those you want the best of both worlds.

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Tokyo: Good to know

5 must-do's in and around Tokyo

Tsukiji market: Go at dawn to the world famous, largest and busiest fish market in the world, Tsukiji. There is a manic energy. What can you expect? The high pitched voices of auctioneers, rattling carts, and buzzing fork lift trucks and 2 million tons of 450 different types of seafood and fish. Fresher than the fish sold here? Impossible, unless they are still swimming in the sea!

The unique Sensoji temple and the imposing five-story pagoda, both masterpieces in design and engineering.

The 333m High Tokyo Tower at night offers a romantic French touch and lovely views but the Tokyo Sky Tree is just that little bit higher (350m). The last 5 meters are for daredevils who wish to climb a winding stairs up to a platform. Hello Luke Skywalker! Combine your excursion with an unwinding night out at the bars, restaurants and nightclubs of Roppongi.

Attend a sumo wrestling match at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo's Nation Sumo Hall or at the Tokyo Dome, where to enjoy a restaurant or the admission free Tokyo Dome City Attraction fun park! We bet you will feel small.

Enjoy people-watching at the famous Shibuya crossing or head to Kannonura Street, Asakusa, where you will stand a decent chance to meet Geishas. Visual amazement guaranteed for hours.

How to explore Tokyo?

Who is smart about getting around in Tokyo in a cheap and efficient way during their citytrip, hop on a metro or train. Particularly the Yamanote-line combines all major city sights and attractions and brings you fast from your hotel to any of Tokyo’s hot spots. You may need to board a bus every once in a while or bike down the lanes to cut visiting time short and make the most of your day while you get some exercise on top.

It is not necessary or advisable to drive your own car in Tokyo. If you wish to make a day trip from the capital rather board the stylish bullet train or Shinkansen. Kyoto, Hakone and Mt. Fuji-san are favourite destinations.

Tokyo Insider tips

Are you someone who hardly sleeps? Reside in East Shinjuku with its numerous pubs, restaurants, noodle bars, cinemas, hostess bars, music clubs.

Attend a local karaoke session and party-the-way-Japanese-do. This is not just funny, it is hilarious you'll see, or rather hear.

Relieve stress in LaQua, Tokyo's natural spa complex, where the warm and healing waters bubble up from a depth of 1,700 m. You will find high-end supermarkets and restaurants here too, the world's first Floating Ferris Wheel and the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster.

Any idea what an earthquake feels like? Visit the Ikebukuro Earthquake Museum. Here you will learn how to take lifesaving action in order to save yourself and others and learn about incidents in the past! Unique and instructive at the same time.

Need a cure for a sweet tooth? You have got it. Taste Mochi, Wagashi and Taiyaki: gluten-free, traditional snacks which are much less sweet than their Western equivalents. The perfect gift for your 'sweethearts' at home too.

Tokyo travel information

Travel documents: a digital passport is required for all travel to Japan, valid during your entire stay abroad. Also a valid return ticket must be kept ready.

Local time: GMT + 9, or +8 u. in winter and +7 u. in summer, compared to Belgian time (Tokyo does not adhere to Daylight Saving Time).

Currency: Yen.

Climate: Tokyo and Kyoto are located in, what is known as, a subtropical climate zone, characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. In January it may freeze regularly although heavy snowfall is rare. June is the wettest month (Tsuyu or rainy season) of the year. The most picturesque time of the year to visit Tokyo - Kyoto is Spring and Autumn.

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