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Fabulous Air Fares to Berlin

Berlin is among the toppers on the travel bucket list of any citytripper. There is an abundance of reasons for this but the excellent public transport and the fascinating past which still makes itself felt today definitely contribute to berlin’s attractive appeal on travellers from all over. Moreover, the German capital is a bustling metropolis with many magnificent hotspots. Feel like seeing them up close and personal? Why not book your flight on the double.

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Traveling to Berlin is possible all year-round from Brussels, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. Experience Berlin to the nines and spend the night in a hotel that suits your travel budget . Why not book an excursion beforehand? Our Connections travel companions will gladly assist and share their insider tips!

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Must-sees in Berlin

Brandenburger Tor

This monumental gate is the most important and by far the most well-known in Berlin. It started out as a symbol of peace in the 18th Century but was then part of the great divide between East and West Germany. Today the gate is once again the symbol of unification.

Berlin Wall

This wall has of course demolished, but some remains can still be seen. Pay a visit to Checkpoint Charlie, view the work of graffiti artists and try to empathize with the past. Consider the events of 9 November 1989 and know that over 200 people were killed trying to flee from the East Berlin to free West Berlin.

Potsdamer Platz

In addition to a busy traffic junction, this place also forms the beating heart of the city. Around the square you will find many shopping centers, plenty of entertainment to keep you busy for hours and bold architecture. The Sony Center is certainly a building to turn your attention to.

Holocaust Memorial

This gigantic field of concrete columns certainly does not appeal to everyone. The site commemorates the Jewish victims of WWII and has been controversial from the start of the construction. In total it is built of more than 2,700 concrete blocks. There is no central entrance; the square can be approached from all sides.

Underground Berlin

Take a look underneath the city? Discover the old bunkers and tunnels that were dug out by East Germans in their attempts to flee to the west. This underground world has been skillfully mapped and during weekends guided tours are available.

Must-do's in Berlin

Berlin by bike

Take a ride through Berlin in the company of your guide and visit numerous and diverse places linked to WWII where you can listen to views and insights of people who have personally experienced the war years in Berlin. Unique, in that this tour take you to places you might never have dreamed of going if it wasn't for your knowledgeable guide.

Insider Tips

  • There are over 1,700 bridges in Berlin; that’s more than Venice. With more than 180 km of waterways no need to tell you Berlin is an excellent spot to explore by boat.

  • The East Side Gallery is with its 1.3km by far the longest open-air gallery in the world.

  • About 44% of Berlin is made up of parks, forests and water. With over 2,500 spots to enjoy this, you can really unwind here. Zen!

  • Fan of opera? In Berlin you will be spoilt for choice. There are 3 renowned opera houses in the city.

  • The public transport is truly phenomenal in Berlin: there is over 473km of metro and train rails in the capital and you never have the feeling of being immersed in traffic and noise. Remember, within Berlin city centre many attractions are within walking distance from each other but in order to explore the outskirts affordably the U-Bahn proves to be a cheap and efficient alternative.

  • Berlin Need-to-know

    Time difference: There is no time difference with Belgium

    Climate:  In Berlin, summers can be warm and winters rather cold and humid with temperatures that fluctuate around zero  

    Currency: Euro

    Official Language: German

    Travel documents: a valid official Belgian Identity Card suffices to board your flight to Berlin.

    Fabulous Air Fares to Berlin

    Traveling to Berlin is possible year-round ex Brussels, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. Experience Berlin to the nines and reside in a hotel suited to your travel budget. Why not book an exciting excursion beforehand? Our Connections travel companions will gladly assist and share their insider tips!

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