Israel is the Holy Land where Jews, Palestinians, Christians and Muslims live together, as well as the land where you can float on the salty waters of the Dead Sea or swim with dolphins in the Red Sea.

Cultural cities and sacred places

Israel is an extremely diverse country where different religions co-exist and where one can visit a huge number of holy places. Jerusalem and Bethlehem are no doubt the most well-known. Of course, this country is about more than just religion.

You can soak up the culture in modern Tel Aviv, remain afloat in the Dead Sea, swim with dolphins in the Red Sea or visit the imposing fortress of Masada. Not to mention the highly popular Bedouin camps in the desert or beautiful beaches in Caesarea and Eilat.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is alive and kicking! Delicious cuisine, always a party nearby, an enthralling centre and pleasant beaches. And always on edge. Tel Aviv stirs you.


Circuit: La voie des patriarches

La Voie des Patriarches traverse Israël du nord-sud depuis des centaines d’années. Selon la tradition biblique, cette route fut fréquemment empruntée par Abraham, Isaac et Jacob.

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