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French Antilles

The French Antilles appeal to our imagination. If you think spontaneously of sunbathing, then that's certainly an option, but Martinique and Guadeloupe have a lot more to offer. You can enjoy the delicious Creole cuisine, pick up a large chunk of culture while wallowing in the ultimate hospitality. Obviously, water rats look their eyes out, but also the hiker and the adventurer find themselves in paradise. As both gems are an overseas territory of France, you don't even need an international passport. Why do you wait to take a direct flight with Air Belgium straight to heaven?


From nature lover to adventurer and everything in between, in Guadeloupe you will experience your exotic dream holiday. Sunbathing in all luxury or strolling along paradisiacal beaches, you might just as well head into the mountains for a brisk walk or whiz down a zipline. While you find the most important cities and the most beautiful corals in and around Grande-Terre, the hiker picks up his heart in Basse-Terre. The volcanic landscape impresses and fascinates. A dream destination!



The eye-catcher on this beautiful island is undoubtedly the still active volcano Mont Pelée. This little paradise has pleasant temperatures all year round, bursting with tropical vegetation, underwater splendour and bustling hotspots like Saint-Pierre. Hikers dive into the mangroves or cane fields and then recover on a terrace with some delicious seafood in Fort-de-France. Relax under a palm tree, take the perfect selfie and let go of all the stress. It's like heaven on earth.