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Another way to fly

Mouth masks, hand gels, 1.5 meters distance: all over the world, these are measures that are also applied at airports. These and many other initiatives should protect travellers as much as possible against the coronavirus. But new technologies are also being deployed: contactless travel is the future! Post-corona, contactless travel is becoming a reality. Logical, because it is safer and faster. We'll list a few things for you, so that you're completely on board. Do you still have questions? Ask us, as a travel specialist we are happy to give you a hand.

1. Contactless check-in
As little contact as possible is the credo for the future. The touchscreens you currently find at airports and work with push buttons are therefore not a solution. In the future, contactless check-in will become more and more common. At Avalon Airport in Australia you can already check in today by means of head movements. Your passport? You scan it and don't have to put it in a slot anymore. Undoubtedly many alternatives will follow in the near future.

2. Contactless past security
The lines at security? Soon to be a thing of the past. Currently there are body and luggage scanners on the market that replace manual checks. This way, there is less human contact and you no longer have to open your luggage. Infections are prevented and you save a lot of time: speaking of a win-win.

3. Sight on your health in the blink of an eye
Corona has substantially increased the number of preventive measures at airports. Temperature measurements are the best known example. In the future it will not only be possible to measure your temperature in the blink of an eye, other vital functions can also be checked in no time. At Etihad Airways they are already testing systems to measure heart rhythm, temperature and respiratory rate. With the push of a button you can be connected to a doctor if you wish. Medical risks are detected so quickly.

4. Toilets that clean themselves
UV light seems to fight corona well. So it's only logical that a lot of companies start working with it. By the way, Boeing developed a self-cleaning toilet in 2016 that functions by means of UV light. In this way, the touch surfaces are meticulously disinfected. This gives you extra protection against someone else's germs and bacteria. In the near future we will see more and more self-cleaning toilets.

5. Shopping without touch
Lovely shopping in the tax free shops? This will also happen differently in the future. You order with an app and digital sales will gain ground. Think, for example, of a virtual shop wall where you can view the products, order them via your smartphone and then pick them up contactless.