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“At Connections, we believe the world belongs to everyone and everyone should be able to accomplish their travel dreams, assisted by the expertise of a travel companion, who is always on hand. That’s why Connections aspires to be your one-stop travel shop. We invite you to get in touch and let us share our know-how to make your dream trips come true, however far-fetched your particular dream may seem. Because we love travel and even more, because we love to share.”

Ronny Bayens, CEO Connections

Time Management. It is most likely one of the biggest challenges of our time. That is why Connections your travel and lifestyle partner-in-travel has brought into being experienced Mobile Travel Agents who have, alongside their extensive year-long know-how of the travel world and its chartered and unchartered territory, eye and ear for your personal quest and cravings. Their focus is on spending quali-time with you in order to work out a surprising and often ground-breaking travel itinerary that will exceed your fondest expectations. That is, if that is what you want.

What is a Mobile Travel Agent precisely?

As the term suggests your mobile agent, is mobile, personal and within easy reach. That is, he / she will, according to the elaborateness inherent to your wish for support, arrange a meeting time and place best suited to your agenda. That could be evenings, weekends, your lunch or morning coffee break before the day starts, even after hours when your favourite Connections travel shop has closed. You name it and your mobile agent is on his/her way to you with a handsome stack of enthusiasm and inspiration. To listen, inform, start up a travel dialogue and work out your itinerary tailor-made. From a weekend getaway to an unforgettable honeymoon and everything in between. Meticulously and caring; with unexpected and surprising touches.
Your mobile travel agent can best be described as your travel coach, up close and personal who translates your travel wishes, dreams and expectations into an astonishing  journey ànd stands by you throughout your adventures. Over and over again, the same familiar travel companion who is conscious of your travel log and aspirations and guards over, readjusts or reinforces your travel experiences if needed or desired. Your private wing man or lady, say. So more than ever before bye bye stress, hello zen!

What is the speed of action?

Supersonic or at least excitingly fast. By telephone, at first. Based on this conversation, a meeting is scheduled with a junior proposal; the foundation of that beautiful edifice which is to develop into your next dream trip. Everything depends on the complexity of your travel needs and how you feel they are best addressed. Knowledge of departure dates and length of stay abroad are essential to a successful proposition.

What can your Mobile Travel Agent book for you?

Everything. From booking flights, self- or chauffeured drives, hotels, excursions, citytrips, deals, you name it. From the (initially) simplest request to the most quirky dream trip. Challenge them. Do you wish to travel with friends, as a family of as a couple? Don’t know where to start?  They will gladly come to your rescue sensitive to your travel aspirations, needs, desires and budget.
Are you getting married soon? That is thé most perfect excuse to let yourself and your loved one be pampered. Don’t rock your boat. Trust them with the successful organisation of this major milestone and indulge in the startling honeymoon bonuses they will come up with! You are at the helm and decide on the heading, they will set and adjust the sails. 

What is the flow of contact ?

After a first audio contact your travel needs are translated into a junior blueprint and if desired, a meeting is scheduled during which the proposal is scrutinized and adapted according to taste, budget, pace. Tailor-made service and expertise, as befits a destination expert and as you deserve! The reservation is made 'on the spot' and the resulting travel documents are send home in print if required, or by email. That way, your travel experience becomes even more intense, they receive all the attentive personalized service and you get to keep a lifetime travel buddy or companion! Can it get any better, right from the start?