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Thanks to Viewtrip you enjoy convenient post-booking features that will save out on a lot of time and effort such as the latest updates of your flight schedule, the baggage allowance for each stretch of your trip, in-flight meals services...Please click on the info you wish to learn about...

Electronic Ticket - Electronic Ticketnumber - Bagage Allowance - Seating - Booking Code or Confirmation Number - Flight Details - Flight Time - Inflight Meals - Ical

Printing your e-Ticket or electronic ticket

Click on the e-Ticket icon at the top right hand corner as in the image below.  You can export your e-ticket to a PDF.  It has proven valuable and practical to take at least one print-out with your e-Ticket with your during your travels.  


Select if you wish to see all e-Tickets at the same time or rather passenger-by-passenger.


e-Ticket number

You can find your e-Ticket number and those of the passengers travelling with you by clicking on the '+' (Expand All) icon to the right.


Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance depends on the carrier, the airfare and your flight itinerary. Standard information can be found when you click on 'view details' under ’Special Services’.


Carry On or cabin luggage concerns the hand drawn luggage you are allowed to take inside the cabin of the aircraft with you. The weight that you find under "Baggage allowance" refers to the check-in luggage which is stored in the hold of the aircraft. How many free kg of luggage you are entitled to depends on the airline, your airfare and flight itinerary. Intercontinental flights often apply different rules to domestic carriers. So please verify all the flight segments on your trip. For more information about the terms used and a list by airlines and destinations, click here.


Pre-assigned seats can be found under the airline, your flight number and class. Please note that the airline is entitled to change these seat numbers at any time without previous communication. Aircraft seats are compulsory assigned according to a pre-established and internationally recognized 'weight-and-balance' sheet based on the cabin lay-out and a set of fixed rules that check-in agents must comply with.


Your booking code or Confirmation number

To use the online check-in facilities via the airline's website, you need to keep your the unique booking code that was assigned to your flight reservation at hand. This code is easily recognizable thanks to its standard form of six characters; a combination of letters and numbers.


Flight Details

The departure and arrival is always displayed in local time in ViewTrip. So you do not need to perform any heavy mathematical calculations in order to present yourself in time for your flight However, these date do vary slightly over time and so it is essential to keep an eye on the latest updates which will be available to you via Viewtrip.


Flight time

The estimated flight time or time you will spend on board the aircraft to get to your destination can be read in between the departure and arrival times.


In-flight meals

Depending on the carrier, route, flight time and the airfare a in-flight meal(s) may be served to you. If so the meals are indicated under Flight Info at the bottom left hand corner..



Use the ical function to import your flight schedule directly into your personal calendar. The ICS format is compatible with the vast majority of the online calendars.


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