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Studio Corona

For nearly 35 years, Connections has been flying travellers to all four corners of the world. Over the past three decades this has created an immense network of contacts; one by one people who ensure Connections good repute and customer satisfaction as well as sustain carefree travel on location. Every single one has their own story to share. All are passionate about their destination and eager to share their knowledge with other travellers. A story that has now been disrupted by the worldwide spread of the corona virus and its necessary yet drastic measures which impact the world of travel.

That’s why for the next few weeks Connections has created Studio Corona which will take you on a journey across the globe and give you the opportunity to meet our ambassadors abroad live. 
How do they experience and deal with the crisis? How does it impinge on their daily life and families? What is the reaction of the local population? And, and do our present news bulletins correspond with reality on the spot? A story of hope and a unique behind-the-scenes look our contacts/associates and their favourite destination.

Save the date in your calendar! Each Connections ambassador will be addressing you on the specified day and time live and will allow you to ask questions, should you wish to do so!


Thursday April 9 – 17h00
Live from New York

Patrick van Rosendaal
Patrick lost his heart to the Big Apple 12 years ago and founded his own city guide company in New York where he resides with his wife and 2 kids in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of New York.

Friday April 10 – 12h00
Live from Thailand

Sofie Coucke
More than 20 years ago Sofie Coucke exchanged Deerlijk for Thailand. She lives there together with her Thai husband and children and now runs a local agency.

Monday April 13 – 17h00
Live from Los Angeles

Nathalie Bevernaegie
As a travel journalist and TV researcher, Nathalie travelled the world for years, looking for places with a soul and people with fascinating stories. Do you want to find out how Angelenos deal with the corona crisis?

Tuesday April 14 – 12h00
Live from Dubai

Salua Daghay
As a Belgian-Arab quantum physicist and travel enthusiast, Salua followed her dreams and started Unveil Arabia, a local agency in Dubai. Ready for a dazzling session?

Wednesday April 15 – 17h00
Live from Chicago

Leentje de Leeuw
Journalist Leentje De Leeuw and her son León left Antwerp and moved to the Windy City. Leentje gives you a insiders look at Chicago during Corona times.

Thursday April 16 – 12h00
Live from Tokyo

Nicolas Wauters
This photographer and guide settled in the city of his dreams in Japan. With his company Tokyo Trip, he introduces hundreds of Connections travellers to this fascinating metropolis each year. Curious how Japan tackles the situation ?

Tuesday April 21 – 17h00
Live from South Africa

Elodie Bonnefon
Elodie describes herself as “French traveler living in and enjoying Johannesburg for years.” Elodie is our contact at Akilanga and ensures our travelers have an unforgettable time in South Africa.

Thursday April 23 – 17h00
Live from Canada

Bruno Le Guide
Bruno is the head of Canada's motoneige and has an extensive experience in organizing adventure travel, in and around the Mont-Tremblant region. How do the East- Canadians experience this crisis?

Friday April 24 – 17h00
Live from Thailand

Sofie Coucke
More than 20 years ago Sofie Coucke exchanged Deerlijk for Thailand. She lives there together with her Thai husband and children and now runs a local agency.

Wednesday April 29 – 17h00
Live from Colombia

Diego Zapata Gonzalez
Diego is our guide in Colombia. Last year he felt honoured to take 10 of our Connections crew travel companions across his stunning South American country during their first-time visit. Listen in and find out how Colombians experience the corona crisis...

Thursday April 30 – 12h00
Live from Sri Lanka

Mahen Kariyawasan
Mahen has been Connections' regular contact person in the former Ceylon for many years. As director of the Sri Lankan Tourist Board he is well-placed to sketch a picture of how the Sri Lankan population is coping during the pandemic!

Wednesday May 6 – 17h00
Live from Italy

Jean Devos
This citizen of Ostend, Belgium first spent many years in Africa before he started organizing Vespa tours in Piedmont together with his Italian spouse, Roberta. Northern Italy was hit hard by the corona crisis, Jean says.

Friday May 8 – 17h00
Live from Guadeloupe

Florence Polard
After several years of service for Connections as a travel expert and wanderings through Thailand, Mexico and Sri Lanka, among others, Florence ended up in Guadeloupe to make her dream come true. Fly along virtually to the French Antilles!

Wednesday May 13 – 17h00
Live from Peru

Monica Isola

Friday May 15 – 16h00
Live from Iceland

Nicolas Olivier

Wednesday May 20 – 12h
Live from New Zealand

Xavier Pironc