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Summer of love

Summer is the perfect time for an incredible citytrip to New York, Tokyo or Barcelona, right? Or would you rather book a carefree all-in holiday and just relax both feet in the sand? Or again, do you prefer a flight only and feather out the rest yourself as your wings unfold ? At Connections you have the world at your feet. You name it...! So why not go for a challenging last minute at a competitive price including our renowned "Connections by your side" service? Anyone???


Do you have pretty keen idea where will spend your next your dream holiday? No? Then which of the following destinations make you tumble head over heels in love? To linger longer before you book your journey for autumn or even next year’s holiday breaks may not be your best plan ever. The faster you book, the cheaper the rates and the more extensive the possibilities. So sit down in the sun or shade, discuss your future dream trip down to the finest details or start with a blue print and add experiences to perfection. Outsmart them all and don’t let your dreams be dream. Anticipation leads the way to victory and is the spur to conquest. Quote. Unquote.


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