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The wildlife adventure of a life time’, that is what you can expect to find in Kenya. Over the years, Kenya has become one of the most acclaimed safari destinations thanks to its abundance of world famous National parks and reserves. 

The huge diversity between parks, the breathtaking scenery, the continual presence of wildlife, the seasonal variations and the most colourful collection of tribal people anywhere in Africa turn Kenya into a unique and life-changing travel experience.

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Hotels & Meals

In Kenya cooking is as diverse as its population. The cuisine differ from region to region (natural resources) and especially from one ethnic group (traditions) to another.

It seems two platters are common throughout the country:

  • ugali (a Swahili word): or 'pap' made exclusively of white maize (mahindi in Swahili). It may be enhanced by the use of sorghum (mtama Swahili) or kaffercorn.
  • githeri (a Kikuyu word) which is a mixture of corn and beans and may be enriched by vegetables, meat or potatoes according to tribal origin. It is prepared in the ubiquitous sufuria.



A comprehensive travel insurance is essential. Travel fully insured with our Protections travel insurance! Our Protections insurance policies offer various formulas in order to offer you the widest possible cover (with even a fly-on-time, natural catastrophes and epidemics) for both single journeys or for the entire year. We guarantee you the best protection at the best price.

Tailored travel

The tours in our brochures are just a few examples of travel itineraries possible. Our trips can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you want to book a specific destination or combine it with a mini-tour then we will gladly make you a tailor-made offer. For a personalised day-by-day program please contact our destination experts.

Would you like to travel in a group; with your entire family, friends or colleagues? (min. 10 people required). Put our know-how to the test and send us your details and wishes. We will gladly turn the blueprints of your trip into a detailed quote and a lasting memory for you to cherish. Contact our Connections’ Group Service by e-mail at groups@connections.be or by telephone on +32 (0)2 550 01 65. We would love to hear from you.

Travel Documents

  • Belgian nationals travelling on a Belgian passport (children and babies included) must be in possession of an international e-passport (electronic) containing min. 2 blank pages and valid for 6 months at the date of return. The required visa can be purchased online via the website www.ecitizen.go.ke at the price of 50 USD plus 1 USD processing fee, payable exclusively by credit card. Foresee a period of 7 days to receive your electronic visa.
  • Travelers with a non-Belgian nationality and / or travelers travelling on a foreign passport are invited to spontaneously report this matter to the Connections travel consultant and shall contact their respective embassy (s) or Consulate (ate) to obtain the latest updates concerning all current travel requirements and documents.
  • The Belgian Embassy is located in Nairobi, Limuru Road Muthaiga tel: +254/20/7122011.
    The Belgian consulate in Mombasa can be reached by fax +254/41/474236 or by e-mail  consulbel@mombasa.be


For all travel to and through Kenya malaria prophylaxis and protection against Hepatitis A, iDTP and yellow fever are strongly recommended. To verify the latest updates on health requirements , please surf to njections against www.itg.be

Time Zones

+2h (winter) +1h (summer)



Kenian Shilling (KSh of KES); 100 KES = 0.797 EUR (08/01/2018)

Methods of Payment

Bring cash dollars (small notes). A credit card is very convenient and widely accepted and ATMs are widely available


Tipping is important and customary in Kenya/Tanzania/ Zanzibar as it forms an integral part of the wages.
Some guidelines: Foresee €2/pers/day for your guide and driver and adapt according to courtesy. Restaurants usually accept a 10%-15% tip (if not automatically charged to your bill); in lodge you leave 5 USD a day, and the bellman is happy with 1 USD a suitcase


Both in Kenya and Tanzania are year-round holiday destinations. From April till May tropical rains may make travel more adventurous, especially in the North. The dry periods run from late in December until mid-March and mid-June until mid-October.

Average temperatures (°C):
Destination J F M A M J J A S O N D
Nairobi 20 20 21 20 19 17 17 17 18 20 19 19
Mombasa 27 27 28 27 26 25 24 24 25 26 27 27


Masai Mara National Reserve
  • One of the most renowned wildlife reserves in the world and a natural extension of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
  • Possibly the world's most diverse, spectacular big game viewing eco-system
  • Famous for the annual great migration of wildebeest and its colourful Maasai with athetic dress and customs.
Lake Naivasha
  • The largest freshwater lake in Kenya and home to a variety of types of wildlife including over 400 different species of bird and a sizeable population of hippos.
  • The ideal base for exploring Hell's Gate National Park, once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed early humans in the Rift Valley.
Amboseli National Park
  • Picturesquely set at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, with its 5,895m the highest mountain in Africa at theborder with Tanzania.
  • Especially loved for its so well-know savannah plains dotted with acacia trees.
  • Features an abundance of rhino, elephants and birdlife with the backdrop of a often snow-capped peak.
The beach
  • Gorgeous sandy beaches in the north and south.
  • The perfect place to relax at the end of your trip.
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