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  • Cape Town
  • Paternoster
  • Kagga Kamma
  • Springbok
  • Augrabies
  • Kgalagadi
  • Upington

This tour takes you on a discovery through a pristine piece of nature far away from beaten tourist tracks. You travel along the West Coast of South Africa and inland to the Upington Falls National Park. The bald and rough area of Namaqualand harbours unique landscapes and flora.

The West Coast which hugs the Atlantic Ocean is an untamed region that stretches the north of Cape Town to the border with Namibia. Here, kilometres of pristine beaches and bays compete with sleepy African fishing villages and hospitable guesthouses. Here, the mostly whitewashed houses managed to preserve their historic authenticity. Paternoster is one of those villages.

A little further on the arid desert-like area of Namaqualand transforms itself 3 weeks a year during early spring into a colourful sea of wild flowers. Exact dates are not available. All depends on the last winter rains. And the same applies for the volume of the Upington Falls, baptized as Aukoerebis (place of great noise) by the Khoi San. It is a scenic and rocky region with quiver trees, an abundance of small game and wonderful hiking trails. This is a region that is less known to tourists. Perfect for the independent Connections traveller who adores to go & explore new places.


Day 1 to 4 - Cape Town

As soon as you arrive in Cape Town you head for the lodge where you will spend the next three nights. From this 'base camp' you can set out to explore this fascinating mother city and its surroundings to your heart's content. The winelands can be reached in half an hour, but you can also go to the Cape of Good Hope or to Gansbaai for a cage dive amidst Great White sharks. Take a look at the excursion tab of this route to get inspired.

Standard Hotel:  Molo Lolo Lodge (Breakfast)

Day 5 - Cape Town > Paternoster (160km/1h45)

Your travel destination for today is a picturesque fishing village of Paternoster on the spectacular West Coast; a very pleasant and laid back town. The beautiful white sandy beach, the nearby Cape Columbine lighthouse and the numerous restaurants that serve delicious seafood are just some of Paternoster's many assets. You can also dive to shipwrecks, kayak, surf or take a boat trip.

Standard Hotel:  Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel (Breakfast)

Day 6 & 7 - Paternoster > Kagga Kamma (273km/4h)

You leave the fresh sea breeze behind and travel inland. After a while, you leave the path towards the slopes to Kagga Kamma. On the way you can admire dramatic rock formations that give the area an extra-terrestrial feel. If you have ever wished to stay far away from the civilized world for a while, in a unique setting, formed by spectacular rock formations, this is a dream come true. You can spot indigenous animals and admire the 6000-year-old murals of the San or Bushmen.

To truly enjoy the natural beauty of the region you stay an additional day. Your lodge has a large swimming pool, a restaurant with bar and a spa. You can participate in included trips such as the San Cultural Tour and you can also perform numerous activities on your own. At night an incredible starry canopy displays itself.

Standard Hotel:  Kagga Kamma (Full board)

Day 8 - Kagga Kamma > Springbok (515km/6h)

The next leg of your road trip takes you to Springbok, the center of copper mining and the capital city of Namaqualand. This arid region brightens up every spring for about 3 weeks when the wild flowers bloom and created an immens and colourful flower carpet. This main attraction can be found in the Goegap Nature Reserve.

Standard Hotel:  Naries Namakwa Retreat (Half board)

Day 9 & 10 - Springbok > Augrabies (315km/3h)

Today's drive will take you to via the N14 directly to Augrabies, unknown to most of us. However, this is where you will find the three km wide and seventh largest waterfall in the world. Something you do not want to miss right? The flow and the force of the waterfall depends on the rainfall, which can be erratic, but the surroundings remains special year-round.

Tomorrow is set aside for beautiful hikes through the Augrabies National Park. There is even a separate section specifically intended for a safari. The environment, which is reminiscent of a lunar landscape, belongs to the driest areas of the country and yet it remains quite fascinating.

Standard Hotel:  Tutwa Desert Lodge (Full board)

Day 11 & 12 - Augrabies > Kgalagadi (315km/3h)

Arriving at the ! Xaus Lodge a unique adventure awaits. The next two days you will live in total harmony with a unique piece of nature surrounded by 50,000 hectares of Kalahari desert. Your lodge organizes all sorts of activities such as game drives, dune walks in the company of bushmen, visits to a bushmen village and stargazing. Tomorrow an additional day filled with activities and meals according to your lodge's programme is bound to capture your heart all over again.

Standard Hotel:  Xaus Lodge (Full board)

Day 13 - Kgalagadi > Upington (250km/2h30)

The last ride of this adventurous selfdrive will take you to Upington, a modern city on the banks of the Orange River. You can head to Die Eiland for a swim and sunbathing session or go and shop to your heart's content. More natural beauty is what you crave most? The Spitskop Nature Reserve is a mere 13 km further down the road.

Standard Hotel:  Belurana River Manor (Breakfast)

Day 14 - Upington > Return flight

You return your rental car at the airport and take your flight to your next stage of travel or homewards bound.

Hotels & Meals

South African culture is diverse; foods from many cultures are enjoyed by all and especially marketed to tourists who wish to sample the large variety of South African cuisine. In addition to food, music and dance feature prominently.

South African cuisine is heavily meat-based and has spawned the distinctively South African social gathering known as a braai, or barbecue. South Africa has also developed into a major wine producer, with some of the best vineyards lying in valleys around Stellenbosch,Franschhoek, Paarl and Barrydale. 


Travel Documents

  • All Belgian nationals travelling on a Belgian passport (children and babies included) must be in possession of an international e-passport (electronic) containing min. 2 blank pages and valid for 30 days after your departure from South Africa. This a minor travels as an unaccompanied minor, additional documents are required. Please verify the Home Affairs webpage of South Africa.. These measures also apply in case you transit through South Africa.
  • For Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Botswana, your passport must be valid for 6 months after return. In Zimbabwe and Swaziland a visa is required. In Zimbabwe it costs 30US$ - single entry - 15/08/2018 - subject to modification; in Swaziland it is free for Belgians. Please verify the opening hours of the border posts.
  • Travelers with a non-Belgian nationality and / or travelers travelling on a foreign passport are invited to spontaneously report this matter to the Connections travel consultant and shall contact their respective embassy (s) or Consulate (ate) to obtain the latest updates concerning all current travel requirements and documents.


In order to enhance a safe and carefree trip a travel insurance is an absolute must.  Our selection of Protections insurance policies offer various formulas in order to offer you the widest possible cover  and include travel-orientated plus factors such as a fly-on-time, a natural catastrophe and epidemics cover. Whether you leave on one single jurney or you travel year-round. They guarantee the most comprehensive cover at the best price.  

Tailored travel

The tours in our brochures are just a few examples of travel itineraries possible. Our trips can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you want to book a specific destination or combine it with a mini-tour then we will gladly make you a tailor-made offer. For a personalised day-by-day program please contact our destination experts.

Would you like to travel in a group; with your entire family, friends or colleagues? (min. 10 people required). Put our know-how to the test and send us your details and wishes.  We will gladly turn the blueprints of your trip into a detailed quote and a lasting memory for you to cherish. Contact our  Connections’ Group Service by e-mail at groups@connections.be or by telephone on +32 (0)2 550 01 65. We would love to hear from y



No mandatory vaccinations. In Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), in Botswana & Swaziland anti- malaria tablets are recommended during certain periods of the year. To verify the latest updates on health requirements, please surf to http://www.itg.be

Malaria has recently been reported in some areas in the Limpopo province. Travellers heading to the Vaalwater area (Kololo Game Reserve) during our "Limpopo" Selfdrive are advised to adhere to the following set of precautions: the use of a DEET-based repellent spray, the use of long trousers and long sleeves as soon as twilight sets in and anti-malaria tablets. Inquire with your doctor. The problem cases are restricted to the Vaalwater region.

Time Zones

+1h (winter), no time difference (summer)



  • South African Rand; 1 EUR = 16 ZAR of 100 ZAR = 6.22 EUR (01/01/2020)


In Botswana worden Amerikaanse dollars en Euro’s aanvaard. Je krijgt het verschil terug in Pula (BWP, de lokale munt). 


Pricing in Africa is low


Average Temperatures in °C:

Destination J F M A M J J A S O N D
Cape Town 21 21 20 17 15 13 12 13 14 16 18 20
Johannesburg 20 20 18 16 13 10 11 13 16 17 18 19
Kruger NP 26 26 25 22 18 15 15 17 21 22 24 25
Victoria Falls 23 23 23 22 18 16 16 18 23 26 25 24
Botswana 21 26 25 24 21 17 13 13 17 21 23 25
Botswana (Gaborone) 26 25 24 21 17 14 14 17 21 24 25 25
Namibia (Windhoek) 28 27 26 25 22 20 20 22 26 27 29 30


What's included?

  • 13 nights accommodation in listed hotels or equivalent
  • All activities as organised by your lodges: Kagga Kamma, Tutwa Desert Lodge & !Xaus Lodge

What's not included?

Your international return flight and rental car, optional excursions and tipping.

Good to Know

All listed hotels are subject to availability and may be replaced by equivalent hotels.

Tip: In order to combat (flight) fatigue you may want to consider booking a hotel in Cape Town for the first day and pick up your car or have it delivered to your hotel the second day, especially if you are not used to driving on the left. Please contact our call centre or your nearest travel shop for a custom made itinerary and price offer.

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