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If there is one destination which lends itself perfectly to be explored by Campanian, it is Sweden. You are free to Wild camp here and as you will soon find out hardly anything beats a true "into the wild" sensation. The vastness of the desolate yet breath-taking nature scenes are best experienced when you stay amidst it all. Scandinavia, and therefore Sweden as well, often carry a heavy price tag but since your Connections campervan is like a boutique hotel on wheels, it is easy to explore this country in a smart and pleasant way throughout. With the included Thule bike rack you can take up to 3 bikes. The built-in kitchen, toilet and warm outdoor shower provide the necessary facilities for pleasant traveling. We already give you some suggestive routes, suggestions to stay overnight and tips. Feel free though to camp in spots that take your breath away! In Sweden you can camp anywhere in the public domain. Obviously there are courtesy rules to adhere to. We have listed them under 'Good 2 Know'.

Day 1 - Brussels/Antwerp > Ruhr (Hohe Mark) - 229 km

It's time! Your road trip with by Campanian is about to start. You can pick her up from 2 pm at our depot around Brussels or around Antwerp. After a 1-hour thorough briefing you are ready to go! To get your bearings we take it easy on you. What to think of a 3-hour trip? Plenty of time to adjust your driving style and enjoy the comfort of The Campanian at your first campsite.

Suggestion on where to stay:
Camping Ludbrock: The family-run, year-round campsite in Oer-Erkenschwick is located on the northern edge of the Ruhr area near the recreation area Hohe Marke Nature Park.

Day 2 - Ruhr (Hohe Mark) > Kiel (450 km)

Why not enjoy the Hohe Mark nature reserve and start your start the active way, perfect especially if you brought your bikes though the walking trails are outstanding as well. In order to arrive in time for the ferry from Kiel, the latest you should start is around noon. Check-in closes at 6.15 pm and we recommend arriving an hour before this closing time. The Kiel - Gothenburg ferry line is operated daily by Stena Line. (+/- 14 hours) You can book the transfer directly with Stena Line, prices vary from € 225 and up one way including the campervan and a 2-person inside cabin.

Tip: you can also drive on to Frederikshavn (+ 450 km) for a regular ferry service. (3.5 hours, from € 100 one way including the campervan). That way you can book an additional night at the campsite in Gothenburg.

Day 3 & 4 - Gothenburg

After the length of distances covered during the start it may be a good idea to relax for 2 nights Götaborg. This port metropolis is Sweden's second largest city and one of Scandinavia's most attractive cities. Experience the beating heart and soul of the city on one of the many pleasant squares. Gothenburg offers a wide variety of museums, interesting buildings and trendy shops. In contrast to the international Stockholm you move among locals here.

Suggestion on where to stay:
Camping Lisebergsbyn: this campsite is close to the centre and within easy reach of the Delsjö nature reserve which gives you the feeling you're already in Swedish wild nature!

Day 5 > 7 - Gothenburg > Bohuslän Coast (105 km)

Sweden's northwestern coast, Bohuslän, is amongst the most beautiful archipelago in the world. A skerry or razor is a rocky island off the coast, often inhabited if it is big enough. On your route from Gothenburg to the north, let yourself be enchanted by the archipelago and its picturesque fishing villages such as Marstrand, Skärhamn and Smögen with typical red wooden houses on granite rocks behind authentic fishing boats.
You will find numerous campsites here between Gothenburg and Strömstad - the choice is yours - as well as a multitude of inviting spots to stop and partake in activities. Kiking and biking trails abound as well as kayaking. Even by car it is easy to take a closer look at the coastline and discover its numerous peninsulas and viewpoints. Mind you; many of the islands such as Marstrand are car-free, so leave your car at the ferry station and take you bike or a good pair of boots.

Suggestion on where to stay:
Camping Hafsten: this campsite is located on a peninsula halfway between Strömstad and Götenborg. You look out on the rugged coastline, skerries and sea.

Day 8 > 10 - Bohuslän Coast > Dalsland (130 km)

The Dalsland region is also known as Little Sweden because of its diverse landscape. You have the western banks of Lake Vänermeer, the numerous waterways connected by the famous 250km long Dalsland canal, and the wooded hills at the border with Norway, true Swedish wilderness. It is clear right away that this is a spot you will want to linger longer.
To enjoy the great outdoors of Dalsland you can go fishing, hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling, zip-lining or visit one of the elk parks. Guided boat trips are also organized on the lakes. Or you can close up your Campanian and go for a night in the wilderness on a two- or multi-day kayak trip. Interested? Head to the Dalsland camping site (specified below). Whatever you do make sure you stop at the picture-perfect Håveruday and its unique combination of road bridge, railway bridge and aqueduct.

Suggestions on where to stay:
Camping Dalbergsa is a small campsite located on a narrow side canal of Lake Vänermeer. This quiet location is an ideal base for exploring the lake. Perfect for hiker and biker enthusiasts.
Dalslands Camping & Kanotcentral: is located halfway along the Dalsland canal and the location par excellence for 2 or more day wilderness trips by kayak. This campsite offers you everything you need to go on this excursion by kayak. 

Day 11 > 14 - Dalsland > Lake Siljan (340 km)

You continue your drive northwards through the province of Värmland. The Falun copper mine (UNESCO World Heritage) is a nice stop for young and old. Your final destination today is located on the beautiful Lake Siljan in the heart of the Dalarna province.
Activities abound here. The region around Tällberg, known for its high-quality crafts, is the folkloric centre of Sweden. Make sure you pause in charming towns such as Mora and Rättvik or sail on the old Gustaf Wasa steamboat. Stretch your legs on foot and enjoy the wide variety of viewpoints over the majestic Lake Siljan! P.S. In Orsa you can visit Europe's largest bear park!

Suggestions on where to stay:
Venjan scamping: A short drive from Lake Siljan you will find this small-scale wilderness campsite on Lake Venjanssjön. 
Nusnäs camping: would you like to stay at Lake Siljan, then this may be a good option. It is one of the many larger campsites around.

Day 15 > 19 - Lake Siljan > Lofsdalen (213 km)

After an exciting 3-day trip at Lake Siljan continue even further north to wild Sweden. Enroute to Lofsdalen you can pause at Njupeskär to admire Sweden's largest waterfall, a half-an-hour walk. You should arrive in Lofsdalen, a pristine nature reserve, in the evening, the real 'Into The Wild' experience you have been waiting for.
Lofsdalen is located in the province of Härjedalen which is home to some of Sweden's most fabulous national parks. The region is a pristine and vast wilderness area of mountains, forests and lakes in which moose, bears, wolves and lynx roam. This is a awe-inspiring base from which to go on endless treks in the wilderness, cycle along the most amazing lakes, fish in the purest rivers, and who knows, come eye to eye with a bear or moose! This region is also the habitat of the Sami reindeer keepers, so you have a great chance of spotting reindeer here. A 5-day stay should peak your chances for an outstanding experience.

Suggestions on where to stay:
Camping Lofsdalen: You will find this cozy campsite in a nature setting on the edge of Lake Lofsdalen with views of the vast surrounding forests. Thanks to its central location you still have some restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Day 20 - Lofsdalen > Oslo (385 km)

Time to turn south towards Oslo. You board the Color Line for the overnight crossing towards Kiel. You can book your transfer directly with Color Line starting at € 225 one way including the campervan and a 2-person inside cabin. Please note: the departure of the Color Line ship is scheduled at 2 pm. You will need to forsesee a 5-hour drive to get there so it is best to leave at 7 am, latest.

Tip: As you are in Norway now you could book an additional week (or 2). Spend a few extra nights in the Norwegian mountains of Rondane, spot the primeval musk ox in Dovrefjell National Park and round off with a discovery of the city of Oslo.

Day 21 - Kiel > Holland's Limburg (530 km)

In the morning you drive in the direction of Belgium. You can spend the last night at a campsite en-route or you can drive home to unload quietly and then drop off your Campanian early the next day. The choice is yours!

Suggestion on where to stay:
Camping Veerhuys: This family campsite is beautifully situated on the banks of the Maas. Ideal for relaxing one last evening and night. 

Day 22 - Holland's Limburg > Antwerp/ Brussel (140 km / 175 km)

End of an unforgettable trip. In the morning you drop off The Campanian between 8am- 11am.

What's included?

  • Rental of a Ford Nugget Plus year 2021 2.0 EcoBlue 135 HP, Euro 6.2 standard
  • Pick up / drop off in the Antwerp or Brussels region on Mondays and Fridays during low season (April/May/June/September/October) and on Fridays only during high season (July/August)
  • 350 km/day (= 2450 km / week)
  • Full-comprehensive insurance with a limited excess of € 700
  • Vehicle equipment: rear view camera, cruise control, blind spot monitoring, navigation system, DAB, Bluetooth, Auxiliary parking heater, tinted rear windows
  • Outside equipment: side awning, rear privacy tent, outdoor mat, outdoor lamp, BBQ, table and chairs
  • Equipment inside: table, built-in toilet & basin, cooler box, kitchen sink, 2-burner stove, storage spaces and wardrobes
  • Dining equipment, kitchen utensils, cleaning kit and towels, sheets and blankets
  • Thule bicycle rack for up to 3 bikes
  • Extensive professional briefing by Connections & Ford employees
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfection before the start of each rental period
  • 7/7 assistance with technical issues within Europe
  • Parking for your personal car during duration of your campervan trip

What's not included?

  • Booking costs and confirmation print-outs of pitches
  • Additional mileage on top of the included 350 km/day (rate: € 0,25 / km)
  • Deposit (blocked on Credit card) : € 700

Good to Know

NEWSFLASH: your Connections Campervan is equipped with a Thule bicycle rack fitted for 3 bicycles. Ideal for sports enthusiasts who also want to stretch their legs in these inspiring landscapes or for cycling from your campsite to the city center. The Connections Campanion campervan is equipped like a true boutique hotel on wheels with all the necessary amenities and options in order for your comfort to be assured! In addition Connections rentals are free from hidden costs and surcharges!

LOW SEASON = April/May/October >
pick-up & drop off possible on Mondays and Fridays 
SHOULDER SEASON = June/September >
pick-up & drop off possible on Mondays and Fridays
HIGH SEASON = July/August >
pick-up & drop off EXCLUSIVELY possible on Fridays

Wild camping. Do's and don'ts.

  • You can camp freely in nature, provided you leave the place as you found it
  • Make sure you keep a distance of 200 meters from the nearest building
  • You can camp for max 24 hours in the same spot
  • These rules apply to the public domain, private land requires permission from the owner
  • Open fires are allowed at designated campfire places only
  • Stay on marked roads, do not go off-road with your campervan
  • Take all your waste with you and treat nature with respect



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