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Brazil is so large that it takes up almost half of the South American continent. It excels with a considerable arsenal of natural resources. Water and forest merge into one another and form breathtaking, unspoilt landscapes. A 7,400 km long coastline with beautiful beaches completes the picture. But its greatest charm lies with the inhabitants with their strongly charged joy and sorrow.

Living in Brazil is primarily about feeling and expressing these feelings, spontaneously and frankly. Despite the sometimes difficult living conditions, life there always seems to be a party with a permanent place for music and rhythm. Houses are brightly coloured, there is a frivolous artisanal art, you see decorated cars and trucks. Brazil is constantly on the move. Here nothing remains constant.

Rio de Janeiro is of course the heart of this lively country. In the midst of impressive mountain formations, the view of Rio is absolutely dazzling. Rio and its suburbs form only a small part of this country with thousands of facets. Not far from the turbulent Rio one finds oneself in the last century: small, colorful villages are a haven of peace for the vacationer who has just arrived from the big city. Get to know the Brazilian "savoir vivre" ... Brazil beckons!


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Travel Documents

  • Travel documents: All Belgian nationals*  (children and babies included) must be in possession of an international e-passport (biometric) containing min. 2 blank pages, valid for at least 6 months after the day of departure. In order to organize consular services even better, may we recommend you register your stay in the country via www.travellersonline.diplomatie.be. 

  • All passengers who travel to and /or via the U.S. must apply for an electronic travel authorization at least 72 hours prior to departure. The ESTA procedure must be requested via the official website link https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and paid by a personal credit card only. Please verify the latest updates on travel advice, documents and requirements on http://diplomatie.be/nl.

  • Travellers with a non-Belgian nationality and / or travellers travelling on a foreign passport are invited to spontaneously report this matter to the Connections travel consultant and shall contact their respective embassy (s) or Consulate (ate) to obtain the latest updates concerning all current travel requirements and documents. They must apply for an electronic travel authorization at least 72 hours prior to departure via the official website link https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and pay by a personal credit card only.


No mandatory vaccinations. Yellow fever is highly recommended for some destinations in the Amazon and Pantanal.

Time Zones

3 Time Zones:

  • Brasilia Time GMT -3 OR 4 hours earlier (winter), 5 hours earlier (summer) in comparison to Belgium
  • Amazone: GMT -4   OR 5 hours earlier (wintertijd), 6 hours earlier (summer). in comparison to Belgium
  • Acre Time: GMT - 5 OR 6 hours earlier (wintertijd), 7 hours earlier (summer) in comparison to Belgium


Currency of Brazil

Brazilian Real : (BRL), 100 Real = 21,68 EUR & 1 EUR = 4.61 Real (15/10/2019)


Brazil is subject to different climates according to its regions. Being located in the southern hemisphere, the country experiences rather hot summers that stretch from September to March with temperatures exceeding 30 ° C. The winters, from June to September, are never very cold and the temperatures are rather mild.

Hard to define the best period to travel! It is the fifth largest country in the world. Overall, Brazil can be visited all year but with a preference for the months from June to September. During this period, the temperatures are not too high and you will avoid the rains which can be intense in summer. April, however could be the absolute favorite: the summer rains are gone and temperatures are still warm. The wtaer temperature as well is still very pleasant.


  • Rio de Janeiro: nestled between the mountains and the ocean, Rio is a beautiful city with dream beaches, creeks, small valleys and lakes, surrounded by tropical islands. In 1960, Rio lost the capital crown to Brasilia. The rich architectural past lives on in the baroque churches, beautiful mansions, squares, monuments and fountains. Enjoy the sun, the samba, the bossa nova and the nice and friendly people.
  • Corcovado: Corcovado Mountain is one of Rio's top attractions and was richly praised by famous Brazilian composers. You climb the 670 m high mountain via a cog railway, at the top of which one of Rio's most beautiful Art Nouveau monuments can be found. From there you have phenomenal views of Rio with the Tijuca National Forest spreading along the flanks and the circle of mountains that close the horizon at the end of Guanabara bay.
  • Tijuca: the Tijuca National Forest is the largest urban forest in the world and makes Rio the only city in the world with a national park just 5 minutes from the city center. The forest was reforested in the middle of the 19th century; 100,000 seedlings were planted in 13 years. This park houses hundreds of species endemic to the Atlantic rainforest, some of which are now threatened with extinction. You will be amazed by the enormous diversity of fauna and flora. Its historic attractions and enchanting corners are certainly worth a relaxing visit.
  • Iguazu is close to the three-country point where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay border meet. Its wonder-filled waterfalls - which can be viewedboth from the Brazilian and the Argentinian side - are breathtaking to say the least, though the views are totally different. This is one of the most fascinating natural spectacles in the world: no fewer than 275 waterfalls plunge down 80 m deep, past a natural amphitheater with a diameter of 2,700 m. And its setting amidst the tropical paradise of Iguazu National Park, one of the largest forest reserves in Latin America, could not be more exceptional and unique.
  • Paraty is located halfway between Rio and Sao Paulo and is like a historical museum in a tropical paradise, surrounded by beaches and islets. This has recently become a tourist attraction, especially for its historic colonial centre and the beauty of its churches, islands, beaches and hills. During the day it is the ideal spot for relaxing on the beach, splashing in the pool of a waterfall or taking a boat trip through the bay. In the evening the centre comes to life with restaurants, concerts and other tantalizing surprises.
  • Salvador da Bahia is the centre of excellence of Afro-Brazilian culture and one of the most picturesque and intriguing cities in the country. The city has over 200 churches and is the centre of the Candomblé (local Voodoo). The Pelourinho district with its typical coloured facades, the San Francisco church, the former slave market, the Carmelite monastery and the Mercado Modelo (craft market) are just a small selection of the sights. Downtown shopping streets abound and you should definitely experience a capoeira demonstration! Salvador is an ideal base for visiting Chapada Diamantina as well as the many surrounding beaches, the most famous of which are Praia do Forte and Morro de Sao Paulo.
  • Chapada Diamantina: the heart of Bahia lies in a mountainous region. The small towns date back to the 17th century when the gold and diamond fever had reached its peak. It is a region of legends and of exceptional splendour. The National Park, founded in 1985, contains an incredible variety of ecosystems, such as the Cerrado, the Mata Atlantica, and the Caatinga, home to many species of plants and animals. It is surrounded by a mountain range of around 1000 m high. Nature lovers and ecotourists can indulge here in the study and photography of a multitude of plants (bromeliads, orchids) as well as in local cats and rodents.


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