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The ultimate hillside getaway
Return flights 6 or 13 nights 23kg Catamaran

from €899

Does discovering the Land of Smiles sound more tempting than ever? Do you feel like you just have to sense the sensation of the fine sand beaches under your feet again and taste the tantalizing Thai cuisine? We got ya! Etihad Airways will fly you to Phuket, a transfer will bring you to the doorstep of your hotel and all you have to do is enjoy paradise! Does that sound about right? I does, doesn’t it? And, on top we figured out a bonus trip you will happily remember forever and a day. Curious? Ok, we will lift the veil. What did you think of a full day excursions to Coral Island and Raya Island aboard a catamaran? Break loose and charge those batteries with pure solar energy and return with a suitcase full of joyful memories.

Combine your holiday to Phuket with 6 nights Khao Lak!

EXCURSION | Coral & Raya Island by Catamaran

A transfer brings you from your hotel to the pier from where you sail to Coral Island first. This island as its name reveals is the perfect spot for snorkel enthusiasts. Lunch is served on board. Then you set sail for Raya Island. Once there, you can scavenge the local seabed or just sit back and relax exercising the best version of farniente, sunbathing or scoring the next Instagram hit by the sublime set of photos this exceptional setting has to offer! As the afternoon comes to a close, you return to your hotel.


MORE INFORMATION | What's included?

: To travel to Thailand, you must hold a passport that is valid for 6 months after your return and you must meet certain criteria of the Phuket Sandbox programme. Please check out the webpage: https://www.thaiembassy.be/2021/07/14/phuket-sandbox/?lang=en. for the latest information and updates.To request your certificate of entry (COE) please check out the following webpage: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/
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