Evy Van Minnebruggen

Travel expert

Evy? She simply adores travel. That's one thing you will pick up on as soon as you enter the Brasschaat travel shop.

More about Evy ...

Travel and Evy? Two hands on one belly. In the meantime, she has joined Connections for over two years. Mind you, her passion for travel is contagious.

Reflecting on my next destination is something I love to do. Discovering the local culture is always important as well as to find the authentic places where the locals come. This way you experience much more.

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“Be sure to climb Petřin Hill for breath-taking views of Prague“
Evy Van Minnebruggen – TRAVEL EXPERT @ CONNECTIONS Brasschaat

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Connections, Luchthavenlaan 10, 1800 Vilvoorde, BE 428 666 853


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