Marleen Boonen

Travel expert

Leen? She has 26 years of experience at Connections. A sporty and avid volleyball player and hiker. Travel is an ultimate part of her DNA.

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Leen is one chunk of experience. She has been active in the tourism sector since her studies and has joined Connections 26 years ago.

As a child I keenly travelled Europe. In the meantime the rest of the world has little secrets. Every trip, be-it Europe or a long haul destination, entails a fair bit of hiking exercise. Nature, culture, good food and drink: I like to merge it all into one trip. And yes, Portugal often matches the picture.

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“Onda Azul, that’s tasty Portuguese food on the beach near Sesimbra“
Marleen Boonen – TRAVEL EXPERT @ CONNECTIONS Turnhout

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