Pauline Van Hoorebeke

Travel expert

A traveller in her thirties, Pauline has now been working at Connections for 7 years. In our Mortsel travel shop she is eager to share her personal travel stories, while she maps out the very best tailor-made travel advice.

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Travel has been part of Pauline's life since an early age. And that has not changed. She still travels regularly. North America in particular has won her heart.

As a child I often flew to the U.S. with my father and that is how my passion for The States flared up. I think New York is fantastic! But over the years Canada has also been able to conquer my heart. Travelling for me means exploring things, gaining and gathering new experiences to chat about keenly and passionately afterwards. It needn't always be far from here. Closer to home I go for a relaxing holiday. Farniente is also fun.

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"A hot air balloon ride over the Drakensberg area was a magnificent experience"
Pauline Van Hoorebeke – TRAVEL EXPERT @ CONNECTIONS Mortsel

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