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What is the most fun part of a city trip, apart from discovering a new city? Trying out some of the local restaurants, bars and lunch spots it has to offer. New York will certainly not disappoint you in that regard. On the contrary, you won’t know where to start. We’ll help you along.

Restaurants New York

Southern Hospitality -

Real American classics


Anyone visiting New York, and the United States in general, cannot avoid the typical hamburger. This greasy delight tastes even better in a slightly dingy American ‘diner’. You may not suspect it, but behind the red curtains of the hotel lobby of ‘Le Parker Meridien’ there lies a burger restaurant. They don’t take reservations at the Burger Joint, so you would be advised to pick a quiet moment to go there for a burger.


A massive steak, now that’s something the Americans know how to handle. The cosy St. Anselm steak house in Williamsburg is the place to go to tackle a steak – cooked to perfection. There, too, you can’t make reservations. The best time to come is around opening time at 5 p.m. on weekdays, and around 11 a.m. on weekends. If you come later, expect to stand in line.

Restaurants New York

Cosme -

Ay caramba: Mexican food


Cosme is no ordinary Mexican restaurant. It plays in a higher league. Chef Enrique Olvera pulls his contemporary interpretations of the typical cuisine out of his chef’s sleeve. Top fresh ingredients and spices with a punch – that is his secret recipe. And guacamole, of course!


At Casa Enrique, rewarded with a Michelin star, the Aguilar brothers pay homage to their mother with traditional dishes. They poked around in her recipe box and put them on the menu. Among them you’ll find the renowned ‘chicken mole’, a stew based on a sweet and spicy mix with bitter chocolate.


Belgian cuisine in New York


East, west, home’s best. Our Belgian cuisine is making great inroads abroad, and the Americans very much appreciate our typical dishes. B.Café in Manhattan (there are two locations right near Central Park) is a place where Belgian tourists will certainly feel at home. Try the mussels and fries, and a Brussels waffle for dessert. Need to wet your whistle? No problem, you'll find the best of what Belgium has to offer on the beer list.


Buttermilk mash (Karnemelksmeus), the age-old recipe based on buttermilk, shrimp, potatoes and an egg, is one of the highlights on the menu at BXL Zoute. As are meatballs in tomato sauce, roast chicken with applesauce and beef stew. Quintessentially Belgian! You can even have a Leffe blonde on tap.


Restaurants New York

BXL Zoute -

Eating with your more famous peers


It’s possible that you will run into a Hollywood star while you are in New York. But did you know that you can queue up to eat in a restaurant where artists run the show? Robert De Niro so loves sushi that he decided to be a co-owner of Nobu. This restaurant, run by the Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, who has a solid reputation in sushi and sashimi, is very popular.


Justin Timberlake is not only a world-famous pop star, but almost ten years ago he and two partners founded Southern Hospitality. This BBQ restaurant draws inspiration from the cuisine of American's Deep South. From ‘pulled pork’ through spicy ribs to fried chicken: you will certainly not go away hungry.

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