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Wetland park iSimangaliso contains critical habitats for a range of species from Africa's marine, wetland and savannah environments. It covers an area of 239,566 hectares and consists of coral reefs, long sandy beaches, coastal dunes, lake systems, swamps, and extensive reed and papyrus wetlands. The mosaic of landforms and habitat types creates breath-taking scenic vistas.


Robben Island was used at various times between the 17th and the 20th century as a prison, as a hospital for socially unacceptable groups and as a military base. The buildings - especially those of the late 20th century, such as the maximum security prison for political prisoners - testify to the victory of democracy and freedom over oppression and racism. Robben Island has become famous due to the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela who served 18 years of his 27 years sentence here. The last political prisoners left the island in 1991 and the prison was finally closed in 1996. Today it is a museum site.


This park stretches out along the border with Lesotho and is an important refuge for more than 250 endemic plant species and associated fauna. The site has exceptional natural beauty in its soaring basaltic buttresses, incisive dramatic cutbacks, and golden sandstone ramparts as well as visually spectacular sculptured arches, caves, cliffs, pillars and rock pools This spectacular natural site contains many caves and rock-shelters with the largest and most concentrated group of paintings in Africa south of the Sahara. They represent the spiritual life of the San people, who lived in this area over a period of 4,000 years.


This property is located at the south-western extremity of South Africa. It is one of the world’s great centres of terrestrial biodiversity. The extended property includes national parks, nature reserves, wilderness areas, State forests and mountain catchment areas. These elements add a significant number of endemic species associated with the Fynbos vegetation which is unique to the Cape Floral Region.


These are among the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. The Zambezi River, which is more than 2 km wide at this point, plunges noisily down a series of basalt gorges and raises an iridescent mist that can be seen more than 20 km away.

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