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The pearl of the Silk Road!

This remarkable city is the epitome of the spellbound magic of the Silk Road. Onion-shaped domes, minarets, Quran schools and royal blue mosaics compete for attention. Indulge in its historic charm, pick up a generous portion of culture and take enough time to take in its numerous sights and sounds.

Mind you not to lose sight of time as the city’s wide, European-looking avenues are also worth your while. As you stroll through this modern part of the city you will be beamed back in present time experiences.


Start with the phenomenal Bibi-Khanum mosque and its terrifying legend. Stroll through the awesome Shah-i-Zinda necropolis which is referred to as one of the most beautiful collections of mausoleums in Central Asia and whatever you do, do not miss out on the shiniest pearl of the mighty Silk Road: Registan Square in which you will find yourself humbled by the sheer majesty and size of the three majestic square-hugging facades of its Quran schools.



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