The Arenal volcano and its fauna and flora

The Arenal volcano and its fauna and flora

The most famous active volcano in captivating Costa Rica? A dreamlike picture. This cone-shaped volcano is the eye-catcher of the beautiful national park.

Sharpen all your senses

The dried up lava that flowed from this volcano in the Arenal National Park looks magnificent. The best way to discover this region is by foot so you do not miss anything of its staggering splendour. Tropical rainforest, waterfalls and exotic animal species: your senses are guaranteed to go into overdrive here.

With its 1,670 meters of altitude the Arenal volcano looks monumental. Venture out into the surrounding rainforests and spot its abundant wildlife. The Arenal Lake is definitely worth the time for a stopover and a countless amount of photographs. Every now and then you see a cloud of steam but since a little while the volcano has been dormant. The attractions? The 1968 lava fields, La Fortuna waterfall and the hot springs. Our tip: start in the lovely town of La Fortuna and head for the Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. The suspension bridges in the jungle are a feast for the eyes and make for awe-inspiring Instagram shots.

“Costa Rica is an extraordinary country. Nature is astonishing and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The Arenal Volcano is the icing on the cake of an amazing sustainable journey.”

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