Mobile Travel Agents

Always by your side

Time Management... It is most likely one of the biggest challenges of our time. That is why Connections your travel and lifestyle partner-in-travel has brought into being experienced Mobile Travel Agents who have, alongside their extensive year-long know-how of the travel world and its chartered and unchartered territory, eye and ear for your personal quest and cravings. Their focus is on spending quali-time with you in order to work out a surprising and often ground-breaking travel itinerary that will exceed your fondest expectations. That is, if that is what you want.

Carolien Augustynen

Carolien lives in Duffel now, but worked and lived 5 years in different countries. Travelling is a passion she likes to share with others. Her family and 3 little explorers are going along on these adventures.

"She would rather own little & see the world than own the world and see little of it." For every budget there should be a fantastic experience. Citytrips, group travels, à la carte,... nothing is impossible. Contact her and she will plan with a lot of enthousiasm your dream journey.

Ellen Cras

Routine kills! She likes to share her passion, drive and enthousiasm to explore the world! Mission Possible! According to your travel budget she gets the maximum out of it. She tries to be abroad as much as possible to discover different new destinations.

She loves Asian Food, worldwide roadtrips and Africa! Contact her and create together your perfect journey! You get a personal travel companion as extra value! Her favourite destinations are Namibia, South-Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada, New-Zealand.

Petra Heytens

Eat well & travel often: that is the motto of Petra from Antwerp. She is a real bon vivant with lots of travel experience. Young, energetic and passionata of travel; het enthusiasm is incredibly contagious. Petra specializes in road trips to the US & Canada, citytrips, tours in Asia & cruises. Obviously she will gladly lend a hand with any other travel destination you may have in mind with just as much dedication.

From your road trip in Australia to your adventure in South America or your safari in Africa. No river to deep, no mountain to high. So do contact Petra for your next trip. She provides a personal service with a lot of eye for detail and shares her unique experiences with great pleasure and flair. Looking for those hidden gems, tips on the best restaurants around? You've got it! Tips galore...

Lien De Meulemeester

You neither have time nor knowledge to organize your own trip? It’s hard to call or meet during normal working hours? Then Lien is your partner! Lien De Meulemeester lives in Kortrijk and has been working at Connections since 2005. She lived and studied for 2 years in Peru and studied sustainable tourism and ecotourism.

Her passion for Latin America and the entire continent of America (including Canada and USA) is enormous. She has travelled in over 50 countries and keeps on doing so with her young family. That knowledge and experience together with your wishes gets moulded in an unforgettable trip for all peer groups - be it families with children, couples, groups (of friends) or people eager to travel around the world.

Soledad Sackmann

Born in Chile, Soledad arrived in Belgium when she was 3 years old and was bitten early by the travel bug. The first years of her life were filled with discovering mainly Europe. Since she joined the Connections team in 2007, she got the opportunity to travel further and discover Canada, Thailand, United States, Japan, Costa Rica and many others in addition to her home countries of Chile and Argentina.

Tailor made travels have no secrets for her. What about planning your next trip together? Call her and you’ll create together the best trip for you, your wishes and your dreams.

Philippe Smolders

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Philippe Smolders lives in Brussels, works 24 years for Connections. He likes exploring the world and shares his passion, travel experiences with you.

Contact him for your next journey wheater it is with your family, friends, in group or a honeymoon! From Africa to America, South America to Asia or Australia, name it and he will help you with pleasure and enthousiasm to make your trip unforgettable!

Véronique Dedobbeleer

After 11 years in a Connections Travel Shop, including 2 years in Wemmel, it’s time to start a new adventure. Véronique lives in Laeken, on the border with Vilvorde, Koningslo and Grimbergen but is ready to drive across Belgium to share her passion: ‘drawing up and developing your travel plans’.

“The best job is living from your passion”. Always attentive and concerned about the work and service accomplished, she will be your best ally for your future travel plans, so do not hesitate to contact her.