This 'eternal city' built on 7 hills is brimming with history. From visiting the Colosseum to tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, ancient popular culture is never far away.

Romantic Rome knows how to be convincing to all

Rome is nothing less than a cultural treasure chest. Vatican City, St. Peter's Church and so much more... Not to forget Rome's picturesque squares, trendy shops and many parks where you can relax.

Looking for a night out or a culinary treat? There is an bundance of top addresses! Set course for the Trastevere district and surrender to La dolce vita.

"Charisma and chaos are never far away from each other here in Rome. You have to get to know this city to fully appreciate it. But it is more than worth the effort."

A city break in Rome, that is enjoying the cradle of our civilization and a finger-licking good cultural trip. The Eternal City may have some rough edges but by and large it is brimming with charming places and sights. This city, built on 7 hills, has captivated city trippers for decades and is a must visit for culture and history buffs. And obviously, fans of Italian cuisine will get their money's worth here.

Light Bulb Moments

Rome cannot be contained in dusty history books. This metropolis is alive in the present tense. That’s clear when you stroll along its streets. Obviously cultural gems such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Vatican City pump up the level of charm. But so does enjoying a Italian home-made gelato, settling down in the Borghese park or enjoying a drink on a terrace in the trendy Trastevere district. And then there is the St. Peter's Basilica and its Sistine Chapel. Rome is a city full of stories that will entice and excite you.

Ancient Decor, Trendy Mindset

Rome is a fabulous open-air museum and yet at the same time it is one of the trendiest and most progressive Italian cities around. This intimate city is bustling and has certainly not lingered in the past. You can easily explore the city of La Dolce Vita on foot, strolling past ancient, fabulous decors. Enjoy the cosy squares, drink a cappuccino on beautiful terraces and enjoy people-watching. Rome has everything to dazzle you as a first-time or experienced city tripper.

A City Break to Stylish Rome

Rome is definitely one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The Trevi Fountain is possibly the epitome of romance. This nearly three-hundred-year-old fountain is stunning and yes touristy, but that can be said for the whole of this stunning open-air museum. Rome is just a magnet for lovers, hedonists, and culture fans. Enjoy the good life in style and discover its many sights, architectural highlights, and fine restaurants to your heart's content. A city break in Rome guarantees excitement and mind-boggling surprises. Go see for yourself!

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