Pocket Wifi

Anyone who travels knows how fast your travel budget runs out. The solution? Connections PocketWiFi! Goodbye exuberant costs. Hello worldwide unlimited internet. 100 countries are participating. How about you?

Advantages of the Pocket Wifi

  • Always & worldwide
    With a unique password, always available.

  • Easy to use
    Turn on your router, enter your password and you are online

  • Unlimited data
    500mb data on high speed internet, everyday, then you continue on 128kbs

  • For the whole family
    You can connect up to 5 devices per router.

  • No extra costs
    Collect and return your Pocket Wifi in your Travel Shop or at the airport.

  • Very compact
    Fits easily in your pocket or handbag. The Pocket Wifi has a size of 13 x 7cm.

How does it work?

1. Order online

Use the online order form. Afterwards, you will be contacted by one of our employees.

2. Collect modem

Go to our Travel shop in Brussels Airport on your departure date to collect your Pocket Wifi *

3. Enjoy your holiday

Share your greatest holiday moments immediately with your friends and followers

4. Hand in your device

Come back to our Travel Shop in Brussels Airport to hand in your Pocket Wifi*

Mondays to Fridays 10 am - 6 pm

Connections, Luchthavenlaan 10, 1800 Vilvoorde, BE 428 666 853


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