Onze Brochures

Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van onze actuele brochures. Stuk voor stuk pareltjes waar hard aan gewerkt is om niet alleen het meest complete aanbod op de markt samen te brengen maar ook om het op een aantrekkelijke manier te presenteren. Wedden dat je meteen wil reserveren?

Connections Favourites

New York, waar dromen uit komen

USA, roadtrippen in alle vrijheid

Canada, jouw landschappen zijn adembenemend

Thailand, land van de eeuwige glimlach

Zuid-Afrika, de wereld onder één dak

Indonesië, de prachtige gordel van de smaragd

Japan, het land van de rijzende zon

Over 100 Travel Designers
all over Belgium are eager to assist you

Year after year Connections sends its Travel Designers to all corners of the world in order to be able to advise you even better when mapping out your trip.

Peru, Thailand, New York, South Africa ... no destination is too foreign or far. Find out who they are here and feel free to contact them!

Why choose Connections?

Because we are travellers, just like you. Always looking for exciting experiences, fascinating encounters and new horizons. Because we are 100% Belgian and can assist you in your own language. Because we make it our personal mission to lift your travels beyond your wildest imagination. Because life is more intense when you travel, really travel!

More about Connections

The twinkle in the eye

Do not expect conformity from us. We are always looking for those extra ingredients that make your trip truly special. We swear by intense experiences.

Over 100 Travel designers around the country

Meet the Connections crew in our Travel Shops located all over Belgium. All of our Travel Designers are looking forward to meeting you and welcome you with open arms.

+35 Years on the road

We've been paving our way for a while. Travelling with Connections means choosing 'peace of mind'. Everything perfectly arranged, excellent service, certainty and reliability.

Always by your side

We're here whenever you need us! Available via our website, our travel shops, our customer service center, at the airport and via our mobile travel agents.