The Mayan Temples of Chichén Itzác

The Mayan Temples of Chichén Itzác

A World Wonder that instils silence

It is clear that the Maya were far ahead of their time. The splendour they have achieved in Chichén Itzá is out of category. The pyramid of Kukulcán stuns while it takes you on a journey back in time.

This complex is huge, so shape up and rub in those legs. Get acquainted with the architectural knowledge of the Maya in all its glory. Stroll around for a couple of hours or even better, take a guided tour and experience a deep dive into the magical Mayan culture. Astrology, ancient sports and the water supply of the Maya: these subject are all covered here. Our tip: plan a plunge in one of the cenotes during the early hours of the day in order to avoid tourists and blazing temperatures. This way you can truly discover the area at ease.

“It is only logical that this magical place is one of the seven Wonders of The World. You will experience a feeling you will not experience anywhere else in the world.”
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