NY by bike

NY by bike,
add oil to your legs!

Book a guided bike tour or rent a bike and go on your own? At Connections, we sort it all out for you. If you choose a guided bike tour, you'll follow a guide through the city. You'll stop regularly and learn a lot (in English), while exploring the city at a leisurely pace. All routes are safe and designed to largely avoid car traffic.

Central Park Bike Tour

from € 65

Central Park, Manhattan's extensive green lungs, is home to a multitude of gems and unfamiliar sites. Have you heard of the Belvedere Castle? The reservoir Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis or the Bethesda Fountain? What if we told you we'll take you there!.

Uphill, downhill, wind in your hair, you feel 'King of the World'. This is the car-free part of Manhattan, abundant with floral splendor and shaded by tall trees. The ideal spot to unwind while the guide brings the scenery to life with mind-boggling facts and juicy anecdotes.

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours

  • In group

  • Every Sunday at 14h (except in November, December, January & February)

  • Dutch or French speaking guide

  • Provide +/- $25 for the rental bike

Outside of school vacations, our walks are guaranteed from 4 participants. Bookings made less than 10 days before the date must be confirmed by BE NY. 


Highlights of Central Park Bike Tour

from € 42

In the heart of bustling Manhattan, Central Park sits as an oasis of calm with a unique blend of nature, architecture and art. No more fun way to explore this gigantic park than by bike. A licensed city guide will lead you past all the highlights and hidden spots on a leisurely bike tour.

Highlights of this 2-hour bike tour:
  • The Literary Walk under the American elms

  • Bethesda Fountain and the rowboats on the lake

  • The skyline from Sheep Meadow

  • Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir

  • Strawberry Fields and John Lennon Memorial

You can take the tour daily all year round in Dutch, French or English (e-Bike upgrade is available with a minimum age of 16).

Guided bike tour in English: €42 (child under 12 years: €37)
Dutch- or French-speaking guided bike tour: €50 (child under 12 years: €46)

Highlights of Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

from € 47

Discover Lower Manhattan, a unique neighborhood with character, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking views that you won't find anywhere else in New York City! During this 2-hour guided tour, you will make stops at essential attractions in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, where your guide will share fascinating stories and you can capture photos of famous sights and hidden gems. Don't miss out on this unique experience!

Highlights of this 2-hour bike tour
  • Brooklyn Bridge

  • Manhatten Skyline

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Jane’s Carousel

  • Brooklyn Heights

  • South Street Seaport District

You can do the tour daily, year-round in English or Dutch (e-Bike upgrade is available with a minimum age of 16).

Guided bike tour in English: €47 (child under 12: €42)
Dutch-speaking guided bike tour: €50 (child up to 12 years: €46)


New York Highlights Bike Tour

from € 60

Experience the abundance of sights in Manhattan with a knowledgeable tour guides who offer a distinctive perspective of the city. Embark on an unforgettable three-hour journey filled with excitement, education, and adventure. Explore iconic attractions and vibrant neighborhoods while enjoying a leisurely and invigorating walk. Rest assured, this tour is not a race but a chance to immerse yourself in the city's beauty. Available in both English and Dutch, this tour guarantees a delightful experience for all.

Highlights of this 3-hour bike tour:
  • Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty

  • Little Italy, Chinatown, Wallstreet

  • Highline

  • Times Square

  • Billionaires Row

  • Empire State Building

You can do the tour daily, year-round in English or Dutch (e-Bike upgrade is available with a minimum age of 16).

Guided bike tour with Dutch or English speaking guide: €60 (child under 12 years: €57)
Guided bike tour with Dutch or English speaking guide and e-Bike upgrade: €88

Bike Rental

from € 19

If you're seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of New York, exploring Central Park by bike is the perfect outing for family, romantic getaways, and quality time in nature. You can also enjoy cycling along the Hudson Greenway or across Brooklyn Bridge. Hop on your bike and experience New York actively. A helmet, bike basket, bike lock and a handy app for easy navigation are included.

You can rent a bike year-round for half a day or a full day. An E-bike upgrade is available with a minimum age of 16.

Pimp your trip and add a picnic box for a true Central Park experience.

Choice between:

The Signature Picnic Box

Herb Roasted Chicken Wrap
Potato Chips
Fruit Salad
Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookie

The Healthy Picnic Box

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich
Penne Pasta
Homemade Oatmeal Cookie & Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookie

The Vegan Picnic Box

Vegan Club Sandwich
Hummus and Chips
Fruit Salad Pasta


Rental Fares

  • Comfort bike rental half day: € 19 (child under 12: € 17)

  • Comfort bike rental full day: € 26 (child under 12: € 24)

  • Comfort bike rental full day with picnic: € 58 (child under 12: € 52)

  • E-Bike rental half day: € 55 (min. 16 years)

  • E-Bike rental full day: € 63 (min. 16 years)

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