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The joy of being close to home: that is flying with Brussels Airlines, our own national airline. Brussels Airlines was founded in 2006 and is the result of the merger between SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express. From 2009, Brussels Airlines joined the Lufthansa group. Ever since, Brussels Airlines has also participated in Lufthansa's frequent flyer program, Miles & More. In addition to its 64 destinations within Europe, Brussels Airlines also offers flights to 19 African countries and various American and Canadian destinations, among others.

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All fares are per person, in Euro and ‘as from’. They are subject to availability and change without prior notice. All pre-payable taxes are included. File charges (from €15/p.p.) and cancellation and/or travel insurance are not included. Airport taxes may differ according to the departure date, booking class and flight route.

Why choose Brussels Airlines

Tailor-made travelling with four service levels - Member of the Star Alliance - Miles & More frequent flyer program - Regular expansion of new destinations, with flights to St. Petersburg, Dubrovnik, Olbia, Calvi and Lourdes since 2015

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airlines' hub is Brussels Airport, the biggest airport in Belgium. Brussels Airport is the 25th airport in Europe, in terms of traffic. From Brussels Airport, you can reach the city centre of Brussels in only 15 minutes (by train) to 30 minutes (by bus).


Check in

Online check-in via the Brussels Airlines website is possible from 24 to 1 hour prior to departure for all Brussels Airlines flights, with the exception of flights from Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Catania, Dubrovnik, Figari, Ibiza, Lourdes and Olbia. It is also possible to check in using your smartphone.

One can check in at the airport using Express Check-in machines or at the Check-in desk. Check & Go travellers are requested to check in personally at the machines.



How much free baggage one is allowed at Brussels Airlines, depends on the selected class and the destination. For flights in Europe (incl. Russia and Morocco) the following applies:

Check&Go: 1 hand luggage of 12 kg + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage at extra cost.
Light&Relax: 1 hand luggage of 12 kg + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage not exceeding 23 kg.
Flex&Fast: 1 hand luggage of 12 kg + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage not exceeding 23 kg.
Bizz&Class: 2 hand luggage not exceeding 16 kg in total + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage not exceeding 2 pieces of 32 kg each.


For flights to Tel Aviv, US, Canada and Africa, the following is allowed:

Economy Class: 1 hand luggage of 12 kg + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage not exceeding 23 kg.
Business Class: 2 hand luggage not exceeding 16 kg in total + 1 extra item. Check-in baggage not exceeding 2 pieces of 32 kg each.

Miles & More passengers and Star Gold members are allowed to take extra baggage. For more information, take a look at the list of free baggage per route and class, including Miles & More passengers and Star Gold members. More details on the baggage is available in the complete list of baggage regulations and restrictions.

Luggage for children

The same rules on baggage that apply for adults, also apply for children travelling in their own booked seat. Children younger than 2 years who are travelling on the laps of their parents, are not allowed to bring any free hand luggage. The parents are allowed to bring a carry cot or fold-away pram/ stroller and food for the child. In addition, a piece of check-in baggage not exceeding 23 kg is allowed on all flights, with the exception of Check&Go passengers (no free check-in baggage)

Special luggage

All sporting equipment is allowed, as long as it doesn't exceed the limit of the free baggage. It is also allowed to bring ski or snowboarding equipment for free (1 pair ski’s of 1 snowboard, 1 pair of ski poles, 1 pair of snowboard or ski shoes, 1 helmet). Refer to the Brussels Airlines website for a list of prices for other sporting equipment.

Small musical instruments (such as a violin) may be transported in the cabin as part of the free hand luggage, as long as they fit in the sections above the seats or beneath the seat in front of you. For any larger instruments, an additional seat has to be booked, or it will have to be transported as check-in baggage.

Liquids and gels

Liquids, gels, pasta's and spray-cans are only allowed in the hand luggage in a package of no more than 100 ml each. They should be packed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum size of 1 litre. The bag should be sealed and the objects should fit in easily. One plastic bag is allowed per person.

Baby food (both baby milk and bottles) is allowed for use during the flight. You may be asked to open the baby food for tasting, in order to prove that it is indeed baby food. Boiled water (to mix with baby milk) in quantities larger than 100ml is not allowed as hand luggage. Medication and dietary supplements for use during the flight, are allowed. You should be able to present a prescription or a statement from your doctor.

On the plane

On intercontinental flights, every passenger (Economy or Business Class) enjoys the in-flight entertainment with a wide range of music and movies, on a personal screen. Business Class passengers also benefit from luxurious flat-bed seats and a varied menu, existing of a starter, main and coffee with liqueur and chocolate. Brussels Airlines also offers a speciality menu, prepared by a Belgian top chef.

On the European routes, Brussels Airways has four travel options: Check&Go, Light&Relax, Flex&Fast and Bizz&Class. Check&Go travellers enjoy the lowest prices. For slightly more luxury, choose the Light&Relax, where the booking includes 23 kg of check-in baggage and seat option. Light&Relax tickets are only 40 Euro more,that the Check&Go price. For full flexibility, Flex&Fast is ideal: a Flex&Fast ticket can be changed, free of charge, to a flight on another date or an earlier flight on the same day. You are also refunded the costs for your ticket in case of cancellation. If possible, the middle seat is left open for Flex&Fast passengers, for extra personal space. You also receive a free snack and a free newspaper on board.

Looking for more luxury? Then Bizz&Class is ideal. Bizz&Class passengers are allowed to take more baggage, without extra charges, receive priority treatment at the airport and, if desired, are given a seat in the front of the aircraft. The middle seat is left open for you and you will receive the meal of the day on board and drinks of your choice. If you prefer to choose your own meal, you can order your meal up to 48 hours prior to your flight. You also have access to the lounge at the airport.

All types of flights include a free magazine with online check-in.


With 46 planes, Brussels Airlines has a very decent fleet, including the Airbus 330 (connecting the African and American network), 319 and 320.

Frequent flyer benefits

Since 2009, Brussels Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, and uses the Miles & More frequent flyer program established by Lufthansa, one of the biggest frequent flyer programs in Europe. Miles & More offers (depending on your participation level) extra baggage allowance and discounts, priority services such as priority at check-in and lounge access, among other things. The website of Miles & More contains more information on the benefits per level.



Brussels Airlines has won an award for, among others, its Business Class cellar (intercontinental flights).


The information on this page is not legally binding. The information provided is subject to change. Airlines change their conditions regularly; visit the airline website for the latest information. Prices are starting prices, per person and in euros. Rates are subject to availability on return flights, including pre-pay airport taxes and excluding file charges (from € 12 pp), cancellation or all-in insurance. Because airport taxes depend on departure date, booking class and flight route, they can fluctuate compared to the rates mentioned here.