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Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM, or ‘Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij), is the national airline of the Netherlands. KLM is well known as a quality airline, and its aircrafts are equipped with many features. For example, if you’re flying Economy Class, you can opt for extra comfort (Economy Class Comfort). In addition, KLM offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment. KLM was founded in 1919 and is therefore the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name. Since 2004, KLM cooperates with the major French company Air France.

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All fares are per person, in Euro and ‘as from’. They are subject to availability and change without prior notice. All pre-payable taxes are included. File charges (from €15/p.p.) and cancellation and/or travel insurance are not included. Airport taxes may differ according to the departure date, booking class and flight route.

Why choose KLM?

Upgrade possibility to extra comfort at Economy Class via Economy Class Comfort - SkyTeam frequent flyer benefits - Home base Schiphol is easily accessible by train and plane from Antwerp and Brussels - Direct flights (from Schiphol) to almost 150 destinations worldwide - Excellent On-board Service - Very punctual (named most punctual airline of 2014)

Flights from Brussels

From Brussels South, Brussels Airport or Antwerp Central Station, you can directly travel to one of the 139 destinations via Schiphol by plane or train. With a total of 67 intercontinental and 68 European destinations, you can easily and comfortably travel the entire world from Schiphol.

Check in

Checking in at KLM is super easy. The airline offers different options: you can check in online or via mobile phone if you don’t want to queue; or you can check in at the self-service check-in desks at the airport.

Online check-in is possible from 30 to 1 hour before flight departure (US: from 24 hours before departure). Self-service check-in at the airport is possible from 3 hours (often sooner) up to 40 minutes (Europe) and 60 minutes (intercontinental) before flight departure. The check-in counters and lounges open min. 3 hours before flight departure and close 40 minutes (Europe) and 60 minutes (intercontinental) before flight departure. Please note that the Schiphol check-in desks open at 5:00 AM every day.


KLM offers diverse baggage possibilities. The following is allowed:

Economy Intercontinental: 1 suitcase of max. 23 kg checked baggage. Carry-on baggage 1 bag and 1 accessory, e.g. a handbag or laptop (max. 12 kg combined).

Economy Europe: only carry-on luggage; 1 bag and 1 accessory, e.g. a handbag or laptop. Max. 12 kg (26 lbs) combined. Checked baggage can be added on KLM.com for 20 euros (suitcase of up to 23 kg).

Business Class and First Class: 2 suitcases of checked baggage, max. 32 kg a piece. Carry-on baggage 1 bag, 1 smaller bag and 1 accessory, e.g. a handbag and laptop (max. 18 kg combined).

Baggage can be checked from 3 hours up to 40 minutes (Europe) and 60 minutes (intercontinental) before flight departure.

New: monitoring of electronic equipment on flights to the United States and Canada For flights departing from Schiphol or Paris-Charles de Gaulle to destinations in the US and Canada, an extra security check will take place for electronic devices in carry-on baggage that work on batteries or accumulator. At the gate, you may be asked to take the device from its protective case or bag and to turn it on to show that it works.

Luggage for children

Children travelling in their own seat can take the same amount of carry-on and checked baggage as adults. Children under the age of two that don’t travel in their own seat can bring 1 piece of carry-on baggage with baby care items of max. 12 kg and maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm; and 1 piece of checked baggage of max. 10 kg.

Special luggage

Most types of special baggage can be taken on KLM flights. However, the transportation of certain types of special baggage has to be booked via the KLM site as early as possible, and in any event no later than 48 hours before departure. For information on the rules and rates per KLM flight regarding special baggage transportation, KLM proposes its baggage calculator.

Liquids and gels

In carry-on luggage, liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols can only travel in containers of max. 100 ml each. These must be wrapped in a transparent and resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. The bag must be closed and the items must fit easily. One transparent plastic bag per person is allowed.


Schiphol is KLM’s home base. This hypermodern and spacious airport is conveniently located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands. You can get to the airport by train: just take the escalator up and you’re in the departure hall. From Schiphol, you can get to Amsterdam Central Station in just 10 minutes.

On the plane

If you travel with KLM, you needn’t get bored: more than 1000 hours of interactive entertainment is available on intercontinental flights, including movies, TV programs, CDs, language courses, audio books and games.


On almost all intercontinental flights, you have access to a personal interactive screen. In addition, more and more KLM airplanes are equipped with Wi-Fi (at this moment in Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 1 Boeing 777-300 aircraft). Moreover, KLM has the oldest in-flight magazine in the world: Holland Herald, also the largest English language magazine in the Netherlands.

KLM distinguishes three classes: Business Class, Economy Comfort class and Economy Class. Business class is divided into two different classes: Europe Business Class for short haul; and World Business Class for long haul.

Economy Comfort class offers additional legroom compared to the regular Economy Class seats; and the chairs can move back further. In addition, these chairs are located in the front half of Economy Class, so Economy Comfort class travellers can disembark sooner. On all Intercontinental Economy Class flights, a three course dinner is served

Intercontinental Business Class travellers enjoy luxury loungers (adjustable to 170-80 degrees, depending on the model) with massage option; and a personal entertainment system. In addition, you will get a delicious dinner, prepared by top chef Jacob Jan Boerma.


KLM has a modern fleet with, among others, the ultra new Boeing 787, the Boeing 777, Airbus A330 and MD-11. On the newer planes, all passengers have their own interactive video screen for in-flight entertainment such as films, games and more.


Frequent flyer benefits

KLM is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, and uses the Flying Blue* frequent flyer programme. Participants of Flying Blue or another frequent flyer programme of one of the SkyTeam alliances can therefore enjoy all SkyTeam frequent flyer benefits during their KLM flight.

KLM’s Flying Blue frequent flyer programme has four levels: ivory, silver, gold and platinum. The programme will give you (depending on your membership level) additional baggage allowance and rebates, priority services such as priority check-in and lounge access, among others. Go to the KLM website for a complete list of all benefits per level.


KLM has been named the world’s most punctual airline in 2014 (Flightstats). In addition, the frequent flyer programme Flying Blue by Air France-KLM has won 4 Freddie Awards in 2014, including one for Programme of the Year. The Freddies are awarded annually to the best loyalty programme in the international travel industry by travellers and travel experts.


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