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United Airlines is one of the 4 biggest airlines in the world. Thanks to its enormous fleet and extensive destination network, United Airlines will get you to any destination you can think of. United’s number of destinations (352) is unprecedented: there is no airline in the world that flies to more destinations! For good reason, Travel Weekly gave United the award for ‘Top Airline Global Network’ in 2015. Thanks to its direct flights from Brussels to Chicago, New York and Washington, the US is within reach!

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All fares are per person, in Euro and ‘as from’. They are subject to availability and change without prior notice. All pre-payable taxes are included. File charges (from €15/p.p.) and cancellation and/or travel insurance are not included. Airport taxes may differ according to the departure date, booking class and flight route.

Why choose United?

Most extensive network in the world: 352 destinations worldwide - Direct flights from Brussels to Chicago, New York and Washington on a daily basis - In-flight Wi-Fi on all direct flights from Brussels to the US - Member of Star Alliance, including the accompanying frequent flyer benefits - Wide range of live television via DIRECTV on certain flights - Additional seating space via Economy Plus - nited’s frequent flyer programme, MileagePlus, was awarded for 10 consecutive years

Flights from Brussels

From Brussels, you will get to Chicago, United’s main hub, in about 9 hours. During most of the year, flights for Chicago leave daily. DIn addition to Chicago, United offers daily direct flights to New York (Newark Airport) and Washington DC, as well. Flights to New York leave at 10:10 AM in Brussels.

Check in

Checking in on your United flight is possible from 24 hours to 60 minutes before flight departure. On the United website, you can check in online by filling out your confirmation number, eTicket or MileagePlus account. The United mobile app allows checking in, as well: you will receive a mobile boarding pass – no need for printing! Of course, you can always check in at the airport check-in desks.



On your United Airlines flight, you can bring the following free of charge:

United Economy: 1 piece of checked baggage of max. 23 kg. 1 bag of carry-on baggage of max. 22 x 35 x 56 cm.
United Business, BusinessFirst, First and Global First: 1 piece of checked baggage of max. 32 kg. 1 bag of carry-on baggage of max. 22 x 35 x 56 cm.


All checked baggage can measure up to 258 cm (l + w + h) a piece. In addition to the allowed carry-on baggage, you can bring 1 personal item into the cabin (maximum dimensions 22 x 25 x 43 cm). The following items are allowed as well: a coat or umbrella, reading material, diaper bag, car seat, breast pump and aids such as a foldable wheelchair, crutches and a walking stick.

In many cases, frequent flyer passengers can bring extra baggage at no additional charge; see the online overview of allowed baggage for more information on the amounts per frequent flyer level. On this page, you will also find the convenient baggage calculator: fill out your flight data and you’ll immediately find out how much baggage you can bring for free.

New: monitoring of electronic equipment on flights to the United States and Canada.
For flights departing from Europe, extra security measures for electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.) apply. These devices may be checked at the airport, and those that don’t work or aren’t charged may be refused. Therefore, it is strongly advised to travel only with fully charged devices.

Luggage for children

For children travelling in their own seat, the same restrictions on free baggage allowance apply as for adults. The same goes for children travelling on an extra budget ticket, 10% of the adult fare. Children travelling in the lap of their parent or attendant are not allowed to bring any baggage. However, 1 diaper bag, 1 breast pump and 1 car seat is allowed on board.

Special luggage

United Airlines accepts most types of sports equipment. For some items, additional costs will be charged. For more information, see the United Airlines website for an overview per type. The rules on other special items such as camping gear, fire guns etc. can be found in the online overview.

Liquids and gels

In carry-on luggage, liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols can only travel in containers of max. 100 ml each. These must be wrapped in a transparent and resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. One transparent plastic bag per person is allowed. Excluded from previous rules: baby milk (powder), baby food (if necessary during the flight), prescription drugs and essential medicines without prescription.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

United Airlines’ largest hub and home base is the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. O’Hare Airport is located north west from Chicago, about 27 km from the central business district. The airport is the most frequented in the world, in terms of the number of arriving and departing flights. Until 1998, O’Hare was the airport that carried the most passengers (since then, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport takes the honours). From O’Hare Airport you can easily reach downtown Chicago by bus, train or shuttle services. See the O’Hare website for an overview.


O’Hare has an extensive network and therefore has hubs in Denver, Houston, L.A., New York, San Francisco, Washington and Guam. Thanks to United, you can travel the entire US in no time!

On the plane

If you’re travelling to the US from Brussels, you can use the convenient in-flight Wi-Fi connection (available on all Boeing 777 aircrafts)! Also, you will have access via your personal screen to a wide range of in-flight entertainment, such as 150 films, 185 TV shows, thousands of songs and various games. If you’re travelling on one of the Boeing 737 aircrafts or on the Boeing 757-300, you can even use DIRECTV. Via DIRECTV, you can watch more than 100 channels of live television. That way, you can always watch your favourite shows! DIRECTV is free for United First travellers; United Economy travellers can pay a small fee (6-8 dollars).


United offers 4 travel classes: United Economy, United Economy Plus, United First/Global First and United Business/BusinessFirst. Economy Class travellers will get pampered during the flight with free non-alcoholic beverages, beer and house wine, diverse snacks and a meal. If you would like some extra legroom, you can opt for a small upgrade to Economy Plus.

If you want to travel on the go, or just enjoy more travelling comfort, go Business Class or BusinessFirst (BusinessFirst is standard on flights from Europe). You will be treated to extra spacious seats that can be transformed into a flat bed so you can have a lovely rest. During the flight, you will receive a travel kit with personal care items, a blanket, pillow, and of course: an extensive, delicious meal, accompanied by a various selection of beverages.

MUnited Global First (e.g. Europe-US) will provide you with your own sitting area complete with chairs that can be adjusted to a full 2-meter-long bed! In addition, you will enjoy luxurious extras such as warm towels, a welcome drink and a high-quality custom-made dinner.


The modern United fleet is one of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the entire US; and with 715 aircrafts in house, it’s one of the largest fleets in the world. United owns, among others, 25 hypermodern Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Almost the entire fleet consists or Boeing aircrafts, with the exception of the Airbus 319-100, Airbus 320-200 and Airbus 350-1000. If you’re travelling from Brussels to the US with United Airlines, you will do so on board of a Boeing 777-200.


Frequent flyer benefits

United is cofounder of the Star Alliance. On a United flight, you can gain extra miles as a Star Alliance frequent flyer, and enjoy diverse frequent flyer benefits such as additional baggage allowance. United’s very own frequent flyer programme, MileagePlus, offers additional services such as priority boarding and free upgrades. See the MileagePlus page on the United Airlines website for more information.


United has won many awards. In 2015, United won the Travel Weekly ‘Top Airline Global Network’ Award. If you’re flying to the Middle East, United is your go-to airline: in 2014, Business Traveller named the airline best North American airline that serves the Middle East. In 2013, Business Traveller magazine named United ‘Best Airline for North American Travel’. The MileagePlus frequent flyer programme by United has been awarded best frequent flyer programme by the Global Traveller magazine for the 10th year in a row!


The information on this page is not legally binding. The information provided is subject to change. Airlines change their conditions regularly; visit the airline website for the latest information. Prices are starting prices, per person and in euros. Rates are subject to availability on return flights, including pre-pay airport taxes and excluding file charges (from € 12 pp), cancellation or all-in insurance. Because airport taxes depend on departure date, booking class and flight route, they can fluctuate compared to the rates mentioned here.