Beautiful beaches, mouth-watering temples and a lot of fabulous instaproof pictures that remain burned unto your retina, that is Bali. Indonesia's most popular island.

Bali, a divine journey and an unforgettable experience, for sure

From gi-normous Hindu temples to pearly white beaches, bright green rice paddies and the immensely popular 'Bali Swing' that you can't miss on social media: Bali charms time and again. Great for the adventurer as well as a relaxed beach holiday. There just no better place to be.

Visit the artists' village of Ubud, defy the thieving macaques in Monkey Forest and indulge in the generous portion of culture and nature that you get to choose from here.

“Travel is divine on the island of a thousand temples. All your senses are sharpened here."


The capital of Bali is often no more than a stopover during a Bali roundtrip. If you like shopping and markets, it's worth your time and attention.


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