Bangladesh brings to mind tea, tigers and the textile industry. But this diverse country has more potential than it unveils at first sight.

The longest natural beach in the world

Land of tigers, rivers, tea, textiles and neighbour to India. Bangladesh remains too often underestimated and overshadowed. And that's a shame because those who take the time to discover this country will not be disappointed. Did you know that it is the perfect destination for surfing, for instance?

And that in Cox's Bazar you will find the longest natural beach in the world? No wonder this place is praised by surfers worldwide. The historic city of Bagerhat, the mangroves, the temples at Paharput and Dhaka are just a few of the many attractions of this country.


Dhaka in Bangladesh can seem like a very busy city, but if you take your time and look beyond the chaos you can watch a colourful scene oozing with charm.


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