Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fabulously beautiful country, with a focus on ecotourism. Admire rainforests, volcanoes, the delicious cuisine or stunning beaches. Perhaps the purest place on earth!

Costa Rica, abundant natural beauty with a focus on ecotourism

Nature lover? Plot your course to Costa Rica, your paradise on earth. From glowing volcanoes to dense rainforest and sprawling beaches, Costa Rica charms. And, Costa Rica entails far more than its nature and exceptional animals.

Discover coffee plantations or explore the capital San José. A must? Spot poison dart frogs and wander through the garden of Central America. Here you travel safely and comfortably. Full focus on enjoyment!

"Costa Rica has been referred to as The Garden of Central America. Nowhere is nature more exciting than here."

San José

The capital of Costa Rica is often overlooked, but is well worth a visit as it is the gateway to the rest of the country.


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